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A Cancer across the Earth Called Globalism

globalism and romania

Dr. Savage warned us about liberalism as a mental disorder. European progressive liberals on steroids, with their failed multiculturalism, have influenced Romanian economics and politics so much that they are now well underway to global governance, an insidious and noxious control by a few elites poised to own the globe.



I just returned from a two week trip to Romania and, I am sad to say, what many have warned us about years ago, has come to pass even in Romania, the country that had suffered so much under four decades of communist dictatorship. They managed to replace one evil master, the communists, with another, the globalists/corporatists/statists.

At one of the empty truck stops and restaurants where we stopped for a soda, a southern Romanian was telling us how afraid people are of their children’s uncertain future, of their finances, and of the dwindling opportunities for success that seem to vanish more each day.

No sooner had Romanians freed themselves from communism in 1989 the European Union stepped in with their Fabian Socialism, bringing in lots of indoctrination and other demand strings attached to their financial help for the newly minted and impoverished EU state in dire financial need, Romania.


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  1. The age-old dreams of Cyrus, Alexander, Caesar, Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, Attila, Napoleon, Hitler, Mussolini, Augustus, Hitler, Hirohito, Wilson, Stalin, Lenin, Roosevelt, Obama, Kim, Louis (pick one), Soros, and a host of other psychopaths.

    They sow hatred, discord, and death.

    Famine and pestilence follow in their wake.

    Better to be rid of them sooner, than later.

  2. Statists (leftists) are the enemies of liberty and self-determination. They are one of the main reasons I own guns and have a stockpile of ammunition. I know that they would cheerfully chuck me into a crematorium for “the greater good”.

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