A Carly Fiorina Story from the Harvard Business Review

DougRoss: Happened to be perusing an article in HBR on how companies engage employees (you can probably guess the punchline: there is no single formula to success) and I spotted this interesting tale regarding GOP establishment favorite Carly Fiorina:

carly fiorina

It takes years to build a strong purpose- and values-driven high commitment, high performance culture. It cannot be done with a simple training program. Every policy and practice has to be evaluated in the context of espoused purpose and values. Culture is, however, very fragile. A few decisions and behaviors by top management or leaders of key businesses or operating units can undermine decades of culture building.

Consider what happened to HP…  more here

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  1. She lost me over a lot of stuff, but the one about her being a secretary and moving up to CEO is the worst. She briefly worked as an office functionary while going to school — in other words a typical job that a lot of majors take as underclassmen. She was fast-tracked in a mgmt program by HP (undoubtedly a grow-your-own affirmative action program for which HP was subsidized).

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