A “Cats”-astrophy In The Making?

So, Hollywood put together a bunch of A-listers to film a musical. Not just any song and dance show, but 80’s phenomenon, “Cats.” The trailer for the expected Christmas release was shown this last week and the reaction from the public was anything but purrfect. Here

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  1. I don’t use the word Catastrophe.

    I prefer Cat Ass Trophy.

    Likewise, I never buy Hot Dog Buns. I like dogs, and think they should be allowed to cool off.

  2. I would say that is a movie I won’t be going to see, but I think we have seen only six or seven new releases in a theatre in the past ten years anyway.

  3. Is this the principle behind re-fried beans?

    Fatal Attraction
    Wizard of Oz
    Blah, blah, blah …

    Not a new idea in Hollyweird – more than one way to skin a cat!

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. I had to suffer through a live stage production of the first one. What a litter box full of crap!!!! All I got out of it was a sore back!

  5. I think it looks like a lot of fun and the cats look very much like the cats in the musical. I really don’t know what everyone was upset about. I mean, if that particular musical isn’t your cup of tea, that’s fine, but there’s just no pleasing people these days. And it’s almost always over PC crap. I’m so tired of it.

  6. I saw Cats on stage in the 80s my mom made me go. What an absolute tragedy how do they pull this off without someone stopping production?

  7. @Tim – I never watched Fatal Attraction, I knew it was a knockoff of Play Misty for Me which had some actual acting. Also fun watching Jessica Walter have a second career with Arrested Development, Archer, et al.

  8. Hollywood garbage. All hollywood have to offer is high production values. As for content?

    Very, very sad. However: this is a GREAT opportunity for alternative media makers: as Rocky and counteless other movies have shown: it ain’t the budget; it’s the story.

  9. Never heard of any of these people. Does the A in A Lister stand for asshole?
    Where’s Leonard Pinth Garnell when we need him?

  10. It just won’t end…. it started when I was young. Ads. Ads on the TV for 2 WEEKS ONLY! LIVE AT THE PANTAGES!!!!! CATTS!!!!!

    But it didn’t run for 2 weeks. It ran for 340 weeks.

    Sure, I thought it would end the run of that roller skating musical…. BUT AT WHAT COST!?!?!?!?

    Now…. now its in movie form. Destined for Tv and netflix and a never ending series of reboots, spin offs and animated specials.

    May God have mercy on our souls.

  11. I’m not sure if it’s the uncanny valley effect or what. The character design of the torso bothered me-are there boobs under there or is that supposed to be cat chest muscles? I think if they had beefed up the head/shoulders and not tried to smooth everything out the effect might not feels so weird. I like musicals and going to the theatre. I’ve seen ‘Cats.’ This movie? Nope.

  12. Its not a big deal. Its an annoying deal. I guess its a big deal if the movie flops because of all the stars in it that have publicly trashed Trump.

    For me its an irritant that hasn’t gone away for for what, 35 years? Insipid plot, mediocre bland music, Cats. gah. The title alone screams blank navel gazing and narcissism.

    I dunno’, maybe if they got rid of the cats and let Motorhead take the stage instead it might be cool.

  13. UPDATE!!!!

    We’re going about this the wrong way. I checked the web about this film. Its RAYCISS!!!! Turns out the gal who got the lead role of the white cat is half black, so the producers are guilty of whitewashing.

  14. The Broadway version of “Cats” works, yes, I’ve seen it, but this very creepy movie version is a hairball. Yikes!

    Also, once again the paternal, father figure character, ironically named Old Deuteronomy, is replaced in the movie by a MeToo matriarch, Judy Dench aka Dame Judith.

  15. I’d go see it if it were named “Bobcats” and starred Me running

    over People in My Vintage 763 Skidsteer…Whilst drinking

    Beer and doing Wheelies and what not.

  16. I won’t be seeing it for no other reason that Judy Dench is in it. I don’t like her and think she’s a double phony. A phony when she acts and a phony when she tries not to act.

  17. Last film I paid to see was Passion of the Christ. Looks like that’s not changing anytime soon.

  18. I saw it on stage. It was not one of my favorites, but it is what it is. I don’t understand the negativity of the reviews. It doesn’t look a lot different than the stage version. That being said, it’s probably a show better suited to stage than film. And Jennifer Hudson’s screeching of the lovely “Memories” is a crime.

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