A Christian Bullet to the Head Stops “Moderate Muslims” From Burning Church To the Ground

This is why having guns is so important.

Indonesian Muslims are on a rampage burning churches to the ground.


The dirty scum were in for a surprise when one congregation was ready for them.

16 Comments on A Christian Bullet to the Head Stops “Moderate Muslims” From Burning Church To the Ground

  1. As the saying goes, a radical moslim wants to kill you-a moderate moslim wants a radical moslim to kill you.

    There is absolutely no way to get along with these savages-none, nada. I say nuke that fucking black rock, they say it’s impossible to destroy-we need to go Roman on their asses or like Charles Martel-maybe that might give them pause-overwhelming violence is the only thing they understand.


  2. Christians 1 Muslims zip. This is how we need to treat these murderous barbarians in this country. If push comes to shove kill them before they can do it to us. No quarter, they want to start it, let us stand up against them and oppose them at every turn. Better yet, let God wipe them out.

  3. Carthage – not one stone remained upon another – then they sowed the ground with salt.

    Masada – make a desert and call it “peace.”

    Romans knew their stuff.

    Melos – killed all males above 13 years old – sold the women and children into slavery.

    Thebes – herded all the men into sheep stalls, 10 at a time, and killed them – sold the women and children into slavery.

    Greeks knew their stuff, too.


    Americans used to know their stuff, too.

  4. Let’s see now……
    Muslims want to “license” Christian churches.
    Liberals want to “license” firearms.
    Coincidence?…… I think not. The 2nd Amendment is the lynchpin on which all other of OUR freedoms depend on.

  5. I am disappointed in America’s Bio Weapons designers.
    Get off your asses.
    Design a fatal disease where the only cure is eating Bacon.
    Lots and lots of Bacon
    Muslim problem solved.
    Yer Fookin’ Welcome.

  6. I warn Christians about the dangers of the growing threat of Islam in the USA and of the increasingly overreaching and tyrannical Federal Government. Most either don’t care or come back with WWJD. Those sentiments are a luxury to hold right now, but when they’re in the death camps? –not so much.

  7. I know … the Jews actually killed themselves … but the Romans DID build the ramp … (I saw the Peter Strauss mini-series)

  8. Nazis knew their stuff, too. And Stalin. And the Chinese Communists. And the Khmer Rouge. When you come right down to it, I guess mankind has always “known its stuff”, hasn’t it…?

  9. I think there’s a difference between winning a war – totally – and murdering unarmed innocents – which is what Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, Castro – basically, what the socialists do.

    Course, I don’t subscribe to “moral relativism.”

  10. So as long as you don’t murder the innocents, but just sell them into slavery, it’s OK? Yep, that’s a definite difference, all right…


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