A humble suggestion: Eat The Millennials!


Western Free Press […] Thankfully, the oft-discussed Youth Vote is notoriously difficult to mobilize (see “abusing drugs and alcohol” above) but it’s clear that we’ll need to do something with this roiling mass of navel-gazing hipsters before they sober up, come to and figure out which day the election falls on and turn us into the next Venezuela—but what?

Well, I’d like to suggest that we eat them.


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  1. Not interested. I don’t like bitter very much.

    But composting ’em and incorporating ’em into cattle feed would be OK. I do like my grilled rib-eyes. Oh, and this might work out especially well because I prefer my beef grass fed.

  2. Tomorrow, I’m going into all my local grocery stores with an ice pick and poking holes in every bottle of Pinesol I can find.

  3. Someone’s been reading their Johnathon Swift, “A Modest Proposal”, which was satire then, too.
    Even if you don’t want to eat them, they can be composted for plant fertilizer.
    Another WIN for Gaia that should appeal to these douchsters.

    B Woodman

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