Liberal Reporter Goes Down To Mexican Border To See What’s What – Comes Back Singing New Tune

The reporter says —- > BUILD THAT WALL!!!!!!

What the left doesn’t know can fill a black hole.

Truth Revolt –

This week on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Esquire Editor-in-Chief Jay Fielden describes sending one of his liberal journalists to the U.S.-Mexico border to find out what the locals are saying about illegal immigration. The journalist came back agreeing with Donald Trump saying, “Build that wall.”

Fielden went into detail about this accidental journalism:

“You gotta go down there with no preconceived notions, right, just an empty notebook. Go to my former home state and walk the border, drive the border 800 miles and talk to whoever you see and let them tell us what they think about what’s really going on — whether we need a wall, in fact. Instead of hearing it from the debate stage, let’s hear it from the people who are down there everyday.”


The reporter heard local Mexicans who came here legally demanding the wall be built.

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12 Comments on Liberal Reporter Goes Down To Mexican Border To See What’s What – Comes Back Singing New Tune

  1. Who needs a wall? The courts will protect us.

    Heck, we don’t even need the right to keep and bear arms. The courts have said so.

    Unicorn farts!

  2. “Liberal Reporter Goes Down on a Mexican at the Border To See What’s What – Comes Back Singing Show Tunes”

    Had to read that twice.

  3. The Sheriff and his band of survivors are always searching for a “safe space” behind a wall-separating them from the zombie hordes in The Walking Dead. Maybe explain the border problem to zombie voter binge watchers in terms they can understand.

  4. He started strong and went off into DrivelLand in the interview.

    We don’t want a concept of a wall-we’re not being sold a closet that’ll be our master bedroom. When Trump says it’s going to be a beautiful wall or the wall just got 10′ higher, he’s not talking pie in the sky.

    Fucking bitch had to go Mealy Mouth.

  5. Cannot wait for the day when we don’t need a newly minted, leftist ‘journalist’ to approve what we already know to be true and do a story about his ‘revelation’ on the tee vee in order to enforce our sovereignty.

  6. Shit, when I was driving east on I-10 thru El Paso I could look down at one spot and see people coming across the river from Juarez. wtf, right?

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