A Law Passed That Banned Child Marriage in New Jersey Was Vetoed By Chris Christie

Chris Christie’s veto on the ban to end child marriage in New Jersey cannot be seen as anything but a nod of approval toward the Muslim practice of marrying young teens (or younger.)

Philly.com reports that

“from 1995 to 2015, more than 3,600 children New Jersey married, including 166 who were 15 or younger. The youngest was 13, according to state health records.”

Lawmakers crafted a bill to end this and it passed, only to be quashed by Chris Christie.

Christie said it would be hypocritical to end marriages before the age of 18 considering the age of consent for sex in New Jersey is 16.

He also said

β€œan exclusion without exceptions would violate the cultures and traditions of some communities in New Jersey based on religious traditions.”


The way the current law reads is that a girl under the age of 18 appears before a judge and he decides if the marriage will take place.

If a girl being forced to marry is honest with a judge, “she’s going to face really serious repercussions” from her parents, said Reiss, whose group helps women and girls escape forced marriages.

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  1. Worthless laundry basket full of sheet! They should recall that heart attack waiting to happen. His true colors are on full display.

  2. Why not just legalize child rape and be done with it?

    Or rape in general?

    By no stretch of the imagination are these consensual marriages – even in New Jersey.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. We cannot give Mooslums rights that extend beyond our laws, or outside of American Values. Continuing this Bullshit will only further their sense of Power.

  4. MJA, for *years*, Christie has had funding/ties to muzzie organizations, with commensurate “appreciation” and “deference” returned.

  5. Krispy isn’t the only one to blame, although he’s the main one. Also worthy of a Monumental Stupidity Award are the lawmakers who passed the bill establishing different ages for consent to sex vs marriage. They should both be 16 or both 18.

  6. Unless there was a “poison pill” amendment or rider to the bill, there should have been no reason not to sign it.

    O’Bozo-hugging asshat.

  7. There’s a reason I call that fat piece of shit
    Barron Harkonnen.
    He fits the title nicely. Dhimmi phuck.

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