Trump and First Lady Celebrate Mother’s Day with Military Spouses and Families

Big Government: President Trump and first lady Melania Trump hosted military families at the White House on Friday to celebrate Mother’s Day.


“We want to thank you. Believe me, we want to thank you. To all of the military families here today, thank you for your daily service to your families, and equally as important, to our great, great nation. And we have a great nation, and it’s getting stronger every day,” he said.

He delivered his remarks to “an excited group of military mothers and spouses” before introducing his wife, according to a White House press pool report.

Trump mentioned, according to the report, proposed increases in defense spending, to a big round of applause.

“We were in the depleted side, to put it mildly. We won’t be anymore,” he said according to the report. “You have my complete and total support. This government stands behind you.”  MORE

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  1. Is the guy on the right checking out the First Lady’s butt? Lol! If he had done that with the First Mooch he wouldn’t be smiling!

  2. A President who actually appreciates our military, women, motherhood, and freedom. Worth fighting for. God, I’m glad he’s there.

  3. Thank you, God, for President Trump.
    Thank You for Mrs. Trump, and for these men, our military.
    Thank You for their families who support them in their mission to protect us and this country.
    Bless us all.

  4. Finally respect and a lady as a president’s wife. Never saw a picture like this with Michael Obama.

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