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A Lifetime of Regret

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The Central Institute for Statutory Health Insurance in Germany reviewed all the medical billing records from the nation’s health care providers for insured people between the ages of 5 and 24 diagnosed with gender identity disorders from 2013 to 2022. Researchers then combed through the data to identify trends in the number of children and adolescents diagnosed with transgenderism, including the prevalence, demographics, and duration of those struggling with their gender identity.

Two out of three young people medically diagnosed with gender dysphoria will no longer identify as a member of the opposite sex within five years. Researchers found overall that 63.6% of trans-identifying children and adolescents desisted from their clinically confirmed gender diagnosis, and “only 36.4% had a confirmed [gender identity disorder] diagnosis after five years.” Experts found the majority of all people who identified as transgender desisted during that time frame.

The most likely group to change its mind is 15-to-19-year-old females, with 72.7% desisting. But a majority (50.3%) of young men who came to their transgender identity in adulthood (males aged 20-24) also desisted in five years. More

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  1. It is certain that those medical insurance claim records included whether the patient received puberty-blocking hormones or “re-assignment” surgery. That the report doesn’t include information about permanent harm done simply tells me that they don’t want to report that they have a Dr. Mengele problem again, this time multiplied by 1,000. Or more.

  2. @Brad
    “How many are still capable of reproducing after this little fad wears off?”
    Imagine what other freaky, demented attitudes are engrained in their minds.
    I prefer they never reproduce.

  3. ^^^ Y’All talk about the reproduction which
    is true and important.Look up the PAIN & AGONY
    these people have after the knife has chopped &
    twisted their junk all up.Sex is over and it hurts
    to pee, for life !

  4. Why doesn’t ‘reassignment surgery’ list all the possible side effects????

    I’m sure I know why, I just don’t know where, (by who, whom) the discretions are allowed.

  5. I still wonder if the problem isn’t the result of the leftist education system combined with the preponderance of hand held devices that creates these mentally ill children. Pretty sure it’s the weirdness I have heard about but not witnessed personally.

    This whole thing makes no sense to me.

  6. Jethro

    True enough. I guess in the long run it strengthens the gene pool. But that shouldn’t stop us from stringing a whole shit load of people up with a short rope on a tall tree.

  7. It’s a Mengele type effort at mass sterilization and sadistic mutulation.

    The globoh0m0 faggot movement is utterly demonic and no amount of childish rainbow flags nor stuffed animal obsession will hide that fact that these people are evil paedo scumbags.


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