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WA State Funeral Homes Crowded with The Unclaimed Get Some Relief

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Washington funeral homes and coroners are now allowed to dispose of unclaimed human remains after 45 days.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee recently signed House Bill 1974, which reduces the length of time that funeral homes must hold onto unclaimed bodies from 90 days to 45 days. More

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  1. Was it Washington State that recently enacted legislation making the composting of human remains legal? Pretty convenient. I can’t imagine anything cheaper than a “no frills” compost funeral. “Just toss her in that bin with the PETA ‘rescue’ remains, boys.”

  2. Wash. state under Jay Pinheadslee is rapidly trying to outdo California as the 2nd worst state in the country. OK, maybe 3rd after Oregon with Colorado on their heels of the worst states in the country. I want the old Wash. state back and no more friggin democraps running this state. I want Dave Reichert to be our next governor and not Slob Ferguson, an Inslee clone just as bad or worse.

  3. Relatives don’t want to be strapped with the expense since said relative was homeless. I had such an experience a few years back. A sibling died. been dead for a coupl

  4. of months. Sheriff called me to claim the body and bring $8000. I told him to take a hike. He told me I would be arrested for abandoning a body. Can’t arrest me I never had possession of the body. Never heard back from him.

  5. I am surprised they didn’t mandate that the funeral home hold the body till after election day.
    As for Washington state it will be a shit hole possibly even exceeding California so long as they continue to mandate mail in ballots. and everyone gets a ballot.

  6. I don’t need to tell everyone again how much that I hate voting by mail in Wash. state since the 2004 election which was our last free election where we didn’t have to vote by mail. Bring back our local polling places, mine is still where it should still be nearby where I live in a local church.


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