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Wild Thang


A longtime runner-up in California’s World’s Ugliest Dog Contest finally got his crown.

On Friday, fourth time was the charm for Wild Thang, an 8-year-old Pekingese from North Bend, Oreg., who previously placed second in the annual competition three times before. More


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  1. That über bitch “Mad” Maxine Waters ought to enter next year. She’s the ugliest not only on the outside, but on the inside as well. She’s ugly all the way down.

    That is, she should enter if she’s still alive next year. She’s so deranged that she is terrified that when President Trump gets his 2nd term that she’ll be a target of evil-doer white supremacists or something. Her terror may well push her over the edge to a heart attack or stroke (one can only hope).

  2. “That über bitch “Mad” Maxine Waters ought to enter next year.”

    That’s an efing great concept. Ugliest dog based on the owners looks. Maxine’s dog would win hands down just based on her gnarly feet. If I look at those things they make my feet hurt. She’s one ugly human being from the inside to the outside. She’ll be riding shotgun on the stage headed for hell soon enough.

  3. Christina Rendon: …congratulations to Wild Thing.
    Next, a white couple are dead after they disagreed with a homeless black man regarding whether Willie Mays is the best baseball player ever.

  4. There’s been uglier winners of the contest in the past. This ones kinda not that bad, except for that extra long tongue. Guess the pup’s pretty ugly by that standard.
    Who can forget “Sam”. Yikes!
    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sam_(ugly_dog) .

    Someone else who’s pretty ugly is AOC. She’s a Marxist chihuahua barking a chaotic, socialist script in the Bronx lately, no sane person wants to hear.

    AOC was soon out barked by Communist Free Palestine terrorists pitbulls who don’t think she’s savage enough. They want bloodshed and she’s just a leftist sock puppet.


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