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A Well Known Pima County Election Theft Sounds Eerily Familiar To Presidential Election


Pima County Elections Director Brad Nelson radically changed procedures for the 2006 RTA bond election. Employees who previously had access to the counting room were no longer allowed in that area. Poll Observers on the night of this 2006 election noticed something odd. Using telephoto lenses they captured images of a staff member using a Microsoft Access manual that was open to the pages on how to alter database files. The GEMS system had a well-know “back door” where data could be changed using MS Access without a password. The poll observers immediately asked Brad Nelson to make a back-up CD of the elections that night, seal it in an envelope and provide it to the police until an investigation could be opened. Nelson refused. Later that night, at 10PM Nelson told observers counting was finished for the evening and sent observers home. The lawsuit discovered counting started up again at 10:13PM that night and continued to tabulate votes without observers until 3AM the next morning. Sound familiar?

Testimony shows that Bryan Crane was the primary Pima election computer technician and was quite familiar with the ability of the GEMS system to export election data and manipulate it off line. He had done so in 1996 election at the instructions of County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry. The audit log of May 11, 2006 had shown that 33 seconds after the election computer was opened that morning, Crane created a second “Day 1 backup” , erased the original and replaced it with this second “Day 1 backup.” 


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  1. Democrats are nothing if not consistent. It is a testament to the establishment Republican’s complicity in this defrauding of legitimate voters that it has been allowed to continue.

  2. I saw video of this, or something depressingly similar. back in November after the election. No doubt mail-in fraud was the main culprit in the election of Biden, but only because the unexpected landslide for Trump forced them into extremely desperate usage of fraudulent mail-in ballots. Had the election been close, computer fraud in a few districts would probably have been enough to put Biden over the top with little unwanted attention.

    By 2022, mail-in fraud and “ballot hatvesting might be neutered, but I doubt it. And even if it is neutered, they’re going to up the computer fraud to make up the difference. IMO, they already did in it 2018, and it helped the Dems take the House. No mail-in fraud that year, although that was when “ballot harvesting” began in earnest, taking away five Republican victories in CA. But I think the Dems are going to shift their focus to computer fraud next year.

  3. This is why we can never get out from under the thumb of Commie Demonrat rule here in Pima County.

    Chuck Dingleberry is a real ahole, could spend days telling you news reports about his shenigangs.
    He should have been fired year’s ago, but with a Democrat run city council for the past 50 year’s or more we can’t get rid of him.

  4. The real culprits, the Chinese, flipped about 517,000 odd votes in 5 states to elect Joe Blow.
    See the proof on Frank.com.


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