Abby Huntsman Of Fox News To Join ‘The View’

DC: Fox News’ Abby Huntsman is officially leaving the network and joining ABC’s “The View.”

Huntsman will be replacing Sara Haines, who announced she is leaving to co-host the newly added third hour of “Good Morning America” with former NFL player Michael Strahan, according to Mediaite.

The former co-host of “Fox & Friends Weekend” will join fellow conservative Meghan McCain on the show. McCain was also previously at Fox News, but she left last year.  read more

SNIP: I know nothing about Huntsman.  Give me a hint.

25 Comments on Abby Huntsman Of Fox News To Join ‘The View’

  1. Thank God.
    Please get a real conservative woman on Fox and Friends. I’m not to wild about her dad either but rumor has it Vlad likes to shower with him.

  2. Benito
    Honestly, why would she leave FOX for the hen house? Watch her go full on libtard. Saggy tits anyway, fuck that bitch.

  3. She reads like a soft conservative and is likely going to end up being the house conservative whipping post. Likely went for the money. Surprised Fox hired her the first place.

  4. Who is Abby Huntsman?….Simple, she has a pretty smile, great legs and can work up some cleavage if the need arises. She also thinks that Uber lives in the woods with Piglet and Tigger…..Hell, I’ve never heard of her, but I think I’m pretty close to defining her personality….

  5. She’s a young, good looking, RINO token the View harpies can say they have another “conservative” who agrees with them. Doubt she’s that smart.
    BTW, exactly scr_north.
    Great find, Anonymous.

  6. The View, empirical evidence points to the following conclusion:
    Abby Huntsman, is a masochist like Meghan, with Daddy issues too.

  7. The show is just an assortment of sour tempered, overweight sows that devote the entire show to trashing the country. How this waste of air time appeals to anyone is a mystery to me.

  8. Bad Brad – Huntsman is following in the footsteps of another F&F RINO, Alisyn Camerotta, who bailed to CNN and gone total leftwing freak over there. No great loss. Abby – don’t let the screen door hit you . . . .

  9. Another RINO woman who is willing to take money in exchange for being yelled at every day by ignorant hens.

  10. Does anyone watch ‘The View’ hate fest? Anyone? What little I’ve seen through clips, is enough to turn the stomach of a fly on a garbage truck.

  11. Ah, she’s Huntsman’s kid? Well, that explains everything. Watch her give Romney and Juan McCain a tongue bath now and again.

  12. This is great news . She’s a fake. She’s a phony. She thinks shes so high and above everyone else. Her manner of speech is annoying. Cadence the same no matter what she says. I am happy with this news. I dreaded watching Fox on weekends having to listen to her. (Will not watch CNN or MSNBC) she just had a baby and you think it was some kind of nobility the way she carried on. The Apple fell straight down from the tree on this. I call her blow lips, so much silicon injection goodbye Abby you will finally find your place next to the Communist/socialist/.

  13. This move is akin to quitting your waitress job at Applebees to go to the Waffle House. You’d think they’d learn after ME-gyn Kelly’s downward career spiral.


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