ABC aggressively edited Comey’s interview with Stephanopoulos

FOX: ABC News slammed for aggressively editing James Comey’s sit-down with George Stephanopoulos.

ABC News is being slammed by some critics for a poorly produced interview with former FBI Director James Comey that aired on Sunday night after a massive editing job.

Comey raised eyebrows when he chose ABC for his first interview since President Trump abruptly fired him in May 2017. He is going to be a familiar face to media watchdogs as a variety of appearances are lined up in the coming days as Comey promotes his tell-all book, “A Higher Loyalty.”

Authors of major news-making books usually appear first on “60 Minutes” and Comey’s choice of ABC News — perhaps so he could get friendly questions from Clinton crony George Stephanopoulos — was unusual. In fact, Comey’s ABC special attracted roughly 9.8 million viewers compared to 22 million who tuned into a recent “60 Minutes” interview with adult film actress Stormy Daniels, as The Hill noted.

Comey’s interview was produced by the beleaguered “20/20” news magazine, which in recent years has almost entirely stopped doing hard news and instead largely focuses on mysterious murders, infidelity and even behind-the-scenes looks at other ABC programs, such as “Roseanne.” more here

13 Comments on ABC aggressively edited Comey’s interview with Stephanopoulos

  1. Comey has the self awareness of an amoeba. He’s hated by the left because of what he did, and by the right because of what he didn’t do. His comment to that q was “it’s kinda freeing” is further proof he’ll do just fine in prison.

  2. Steponmycockulous is a government agent and Clinton White House celebrity. We need a Special Counsel to investigate collusion between Hitlery and ABC. They helped influence her campaign. Steponmycockulous must resign and be arrested.

  3. There’s no way ABC could have pleased anyone with that interview, because Comey is at a tipping point, and nobody knows which way to go with his narrative. They don’t want to slag him just yet, even though everybody hates him, because he’s too big to fail the Deep State. But they don’t want to puff him up too much, either, because it’s obvious he’s guilty as hell, and they may have to throw him under the bus.

  4. The one and only abcnbccbscnnmsnbc news I watch is “Full Measure” with Sheryl Attkison.

    It is in depth, fair, interesting news coverage. She and her team do the kind of reporting that helps one see a big picture. I am surprised ABC has kept her show alive (though they have jerked around with her time slot in the past).

    She shows what can be done by a true journalist.

  5. We’re living in the Bizarro World. In any sane reality Stephanapolous would be in the jail cell next to Bill Clinton for the crime of terrorizing his sexual assault victims.
    Crickets from #metoo regarding George.

  6. Because they wouldn’t show the 6 phonebooks Stapycocculus sat on to be able to face mouthbreather Commie?

  7. When George stands next to Comey, his head only reaches up to Comey’s….Oh! THAT’S why Comey chose Georgie for the “interview”!


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