A New Way To Exploit Black People is Discovered


Thank goodness this woman wasn’t born a black male. It would be a fate worse than death.

The suffering this woman endures thinking about the possibility that she might’ve been born a black man is causing me anxiety.

ht/ chabanais

She is literally borrowing the perceived injustice of another person so she gets to feel oppressed too. –macncheesedinosaur

She’s trying to start a new event in the Victimhood Olympics. White women overwhelmed by how they imagine, according to their own “privileged” view, minorities must feel. –MrWienerDawg

White liberals have to speak for the Black Community because they view all black people as infantile.  – stancrouch



19 Comments on A New Way To Exploit Black People is Discovered

  1. He said, “Yea. It’s not about you, honey.”

    Blacks are so oppressed. Liberal white women clutching their purses as a group of them walk by hardest hit.

  2. It’s getting to be a real bore listening to all these idiots proclaim just how deeply they feel about perceived racial injustice in the world while projecting how others feel.
    We get it, you experience depths of feeling that most others can’t even imagine and you’re more evolved than those around you, no STFU.

  3. What about being a black woman? They not oppressed enough for you? Doesn’t fit your Jungle Fever fantasies? I would imagine that this is the kind of white bitch who is most detested by black women.

  4. I’ve always said that, by far, liberals are the most prejudiced people on earth. They’ll twist themselves in to a pretzel defending a black thug because they truly believe all black people are alike. They can’t possibly imagine that there are black people that are normal Americans doing yard work who will not defend black thugs either.

  5. So she wouldn’t trade her whiteness to have a bigger wiener? I’d bet her girlfriend would be happier.

    Libs seem to go out of their way to be miserable and to try to drag us down with them.

  6. I’m am so sick of everyone’s *poor me* BS.

    Just get on with your life. Do your best to be a good person and the rest will sort itself out.

  7. This woman is a good example of what I would define as a nigger.

    Remember, it’s about attitude; not color.

  8. Another estrogen-poisoned neurotic, projecting her cray-cray.

    It’s an acquired psychosomatic affliction.

    But her 19 cats live well. So there’s that.

  9. At least she is being honest. Irrespective of the elements of her being she has no control over, the content of her character would make it exceedingly difficult for a loser like her to function in society.

  10. My white wife doesn’t think about not having been born a black man, but she’s happy she gets to sleep with one every night…

    The twittwat, on the other hand, needs to just GO AWAY. No one – black or white – needs your kind of stupid around anywhere within 2.5 light years of earth.


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