Seth McFarlane Celeb-splains That Hollywood Elite Includes Blue Collar Workers

I think what happened is that while Seth was grunting out a difficult one on the toilet, a thought came to him, and in the fog of it all he convinced himself it was brilliant.

Regrettably, for him, he quick-tweeted it.

Seth actually thinks that when we lambast out-of-touch Hollywood idiots that hold lockstep leftist political opinions we are picturing the key grip on the set of some idiotic sitcom and shaking our clenched fists toward the sky.
No, stupid, we’re talking about you, rich elites that do not share the day-to day concerns of the best boy.
Your tweet couldn’t have been more sublime.

26 Comments on Seth McFarlane Celeb-splains That Hollywood Elite Includes Blue Collar Workers

  1. Name one of those people Seth………..its not “Hey you” either. Next BBQ you have on yer Malibu pool deck, invite a few of them over…….for food, not just to park your car. Next he is gonna say he has a black friend and then go try and remember the name of his exterminator.

  2. He describes set people like they’re just other members of the team, no different than the performers. He likely shares anecdotes with his fellow actors about some occasion where he had a beer{yuk} with one of “those ” shlubs and enjoys a laugh about it.

  3. Let’s not fergit Seth boy that the Hollyweird Elites also employ the highest number of personal assistants, personal trainers, house-keepers, chauffeurs, accountants, consultants, psychiatrists and professional leaches to treat yer messy lives traipsing through the revolving doors of divorce courts, bankruptcy courts, custody courts, criminal courts and rehab centers! (The Judges on-the-take are thankful to you as well Seth!)
    But of course all that still doesn’t keep you from drinking yer cold-brewed coffee, eating yer arugula salad and steaming yer vagina while gladly telling us, the average, hard-working, Church-going, over-taxed payer, how we should live, what we should eat, how to raise our kids, what kind of energy we need, what kind of electric clown-car we should be driving to save the Earth (while you ride in limousines), what we are allowed to hear, see and say and, as always, who we should vote for!
    4Q Jackass!

  4. Yo! Seth … dude!
    Get your head out of your ass!
    “You’ll think more clearly.”


    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Seth McFartbrain… Stick to pretending you are intelligent, funny, etc. Leave the intelligence to us.

  6. It’s a good thing those blue collar workers can’t read 🙄. Be a shame if the scaffolding came crashing down on his humongous cabeza.

  7. i don’t know about anyone else, but personally, i don’t think about hollywood any more that they think about me

  8. I’ve heard this guys name but honestly know nothing about him at all. Is he a comedian or actor or both? I happily have no idea what-so-ever and I’ll keep it that way.

  9. Yeah, I recall that was my eperience when I lived in an area with a lot of celebrities – they mingle and identify with the common folk. Well, that’s enough on this subject – back to my breakfast of oatmeal and bourbon.

  10. now we can all sleep better knowing seth mcfarlane thinks his best boy is a “hollywood elite” and not just the actors on the set.

    I couldn’t go another sleepless night worrying about that.

  11. What did Lisa Lampanelli say about Seth MacFarlane?

    Something along the lines that he’s gayer than Ryan Seacrest’s asshole.

  12. Seth, take my advice and STFU.

    Especially eschew releasing those insipid CDs of songs designed to mimic dead popular singers. While you’re doing Hollywood imitations, try a Peg Entwistle, why dontcha.

  13. I think whenever a Libtard utters the phrase

    “Turn off Fox News” They get a treat…

    It’s Pavlovian .

  14. @Wyatt, Insensitive Progressive Jerk April 17, 2018 at 8:19 am

    > back to my breakfast of oatmeal and bourbon

    PLEASE! Tell me you’ve found a way to mix the two, without ruining the texture of the oats (I prefer “Irish,” put on your shocked face), or “watering down” (cooking off) the bourbon “essence.”

  15. Actually, it turns out that, while Seth is down with the Key Grips and Gaffers, he’s partial to the Best Boys.

  16. Hollyweird clearly has contracted the NFL disease.
    They display a variant, no kneeling, but the same irrepressible desire to insult and bite the hands that feed them.
    They are oblivious to the future they trudge toward: they will be hated and their work largely ignored forevermore.

  17. @Ann Thracts April 17, 2018 at 8:55 am

    Peg Entwhistle….didn’t she take a dive off the Hollywood sign back around 1934?

  18. Is there any more than 4 or 5 people in the entire entertainment industry who aren’t complete ass-holes?

    Clint Eastwood won’t be around for too much longer (sob). After that, my hatred for Hollywood will be pretty close to 100%

  19. I’ve heard of all those plumbers, cooks, movers, &c., living the fat life – being interviewed by People Magazine and seeing their mugs on all the celebrity magazines at the checkout line.

    Really! Juan Carlos Cordoba-Vasquez was the guy who cooked the beans for that fart episode in “Blazing Saddles” … I think … well, not reallly … I made that up … but that don’t matter as long as it aligns with the narrative!

    izlamo delenda est …

  20. @RadioMattM April 17, 2018 at 12:56 pm

    As it is, the credits at the end of the movie has just about everybody’s name. Maybe not the guy that delivers and takes away the “stars” porta-potties when they are on location. They should be recognized for doing a strenuous job, given the amount of crap Hollywood pumps out.


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