ABC creates fake video of man being denied service for wearing an IMPEACH 45 shirt

Is this the left’s idiotic response to all of the reports of people wearing MAGA hats being assaulted and thrown out of stores and diners and restaurants? They have to make a fake video, that most mouth breathing leftists will think is real, to counter their despicable behavior.


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  1. Over 500+ attacks on Trump supporters and John Quiñones pulls this prank.

    If you wanted to really test out this theory, send the White guy in the T-shirt to Maxine (Impeach 45) Water’s district and see if the hommies think that he is Down with the Cause.

    A quick caveat, ypu might want to think about Reginald Denny and Water’s support of Damian Williams before you go to her neighborhood.

  2. “Over 500+ attacks on Trump supporters”

    They’re playing a game of Russian Roulette. And it’s only a matter of time before they find the loaded chamber. And then the news media can fawn all over the dead a dying.

  3. You can tell it’s fake, even for a progtard. A real Trump supporter would just pull out an AR-15 and cap his ass. And the black patron too.

  4. ABC has been fabricating “news” for many decades. 30 years ago Michell got them filming fake news on a “bad”car (Olds I think) and hamburger.The American Press has been publishing lies as “news” for over 70 years.

    the real news will be when they tell the truth – more than once every 1,000,000 minutes! And FDR will need an overcoat!

  5. screw the shirt- the woman sitting in the booth, nursing a glass of ice water (which is all anyone has- nice restaurant, huh?) was using a plastic straw!

  6. From the link: “In a clip obtained exclusively by, one man learns what it is like to walk into a diner wearing a shirt that calls for President Trump’s impeachment.

    He sits down and is greeted by another actor portraying the restaurant manager, who informs him that he will not serve him in an ‘Impeach 45’ shirt…”

    No, one man learns absolutely nothing. He is one of two actors playing parts of a script that is pure fantasy.

    A fantasy of victim hood the left has idealized.

    Fuck them and the fake narrative they try to foist on the stage of current events.

    Goddamn! These people need a thumb in the eye. Every single time they venture out in public.

  7. I’m still triggered by that straw. They should have to put trigger warnings on their videos. She just didn’t even care. I’m going to twitter out some de-positions or something. I just hope I’ll be able to get to sleep tonight. I feel so used. I thought this was a safe website, but I fell for click bait and now I’ll never be the same. I’m going to my safe space and cry- sometimes that helps.

  8. ABC had to fire Brian Ross over fake Trump reporting which caused the Dow to dip for a bit. They still haven’t learned.


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