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Abigail Adams Pick For Long-Form Interview

David Horowitz on the Eric Metaxas Show-

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  1. Metaxas believes a Jesus fish saved him.

    “I had this dream. I was ice fishing on Candlewood Lake, where I’d spent a lot of time growing up. A golden fish poked through the ice. Not a goldfish, a fish made of gold. I held him up and felt this overwhelming peace. I recognized the fish as a symbol of Christ. Never in my life had I had a dream like that. In it, Jesus basically revealed himself to me.”

  2. Would like to add that this isn’t your ordinary (ordinary?) Horowitz interview. DH’s recent book “Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America” is the topic of Metaxa’s interview. Horowitz comes to the subject as a secular Jew and from a well-researched historical viewpoint of America’s founding and why the American communists are ramping up their attacks on American history (erasing it) and why we are seeing fresh efforts to eradicate God — and specifically Jesus — from the public square. Importantly, Horowitz brings a new twist to the history of our founding, one that I find essential to my own arsenal of debate tools: that the thread wending its way through history concerns the specific changes (post-Luther) that directly informed our Constitution and why American communists are targeting Christianity here.

    So. Gird your loins, patriots. You may also want to review Joshua 24 to see the parallels of being brought out of slavery and established in a free land by God. “…choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve..”

  3. AA….thank you so much for this interview. I’ve been discussing with my pastor how communist our local churches have become…exactly the conversation of this interview. I’m sharing with him. Our city gates are shelling out injustice and unrighteousness and our local churches don’t think it connected to Christianity. I wonder do these pastors even read the parts of the Law and the Prophets that discuss such obligations? I could go on and on….but THIS is the conversation I’ve been talking about! Reformation 2 Now. The public square is on fire…and the local churches are deceived.

  4. Jackalopelipsky — And Horowitz emphasizes your point by saying that Christians are, naturally, more focused on the afterlife and redemption instead of fighting the worldly battle. But he also says, and I agree, that the fight must also be fought in this world. How else can the lost be persuaded if to talk about Jesus and salvation is suppressed? I’m so glad this interview is useful to you in your conversations with your pastor. I don’t understand how our ministers, pastors and teachers aren’t up on this stuff. Many don’t even seem interested.

  5. AA,

    Sharing the gospel of grace, which alone is the power of God unto salvation, is one thing. It’s the believer’s duty and obligation to Christ.

    Trying to save the burning wreck of a rotted, dying, unsavable civilization is something else…even when it’s our own. Yes, I have to live here like everybody else. Yes. I’m as vexed as any of you. I do have that impulse for involvement. If I didn’t I wouldn’t post here.

    But there are limits and risks. Paul did warn Timothy, a young pastor, to avoid temporal, vain entanglements just such as this because the eternal should be the focus of the saved. After all, every kingdom of this world must ultimately come to naught. Including ours. I say again that I realize this even though I, my wife and my daughters have to live here. The temptation to devote myself to a political fight is strong, but I know it would ultimately be in vain.

    But God will fairly judge each by his own light and motives.

    As always, with respect.

  6. Grool — I agree with your assessment, but I would underscore the evil that is perpetrated under communism and its antithetical nature to Christ. A convincing argument against pacifism that is rooted in scripture was made by Lewis during WWII in his talks on BBC radio: “Why I Am Not a Pacifist.” There is a delightful ‘doodle’ narration of that speech on YT (among many other of Lewis’s talks).

    We are in the world but not of the world, ’tis true. However, when it comes to defending the faith, we are very much in the world.

  7. If I’m misunderstanding you I apologize but preaching the gospel of Christ and defending the Republic are not synonymous. Make no mistake, I am not a pacifist. And communism is ungodly. But there’s no eternal fruit in arguing any ultimately temporal, worldly issue, however dear to us it may be.

    God wants to see SOULS saved. One by one. America, as unique as she is (was), is not the sanctified Israel of old. Never was. We’re just another paganized Gentile nation like all the rest, except we happened to have a preponderance of people who believed in God. Because of that, we changed history. But our end will be the same as the rest.

  8. As I listen to this, on Good Friday, it is difficult for me to be told that the Catholic Church is, as David Horowitz phrased it, a “ human institution.” It is not. It was founded by Our Lord at Calvary, on this day almost 2,000 years ago.
    Cue the usuals to respond with their anti-Catholic screed.

  9. David Horowitz and I have trod a similar path. Both of us were socialists when young, saw through the lies. recognized the murderous truth about socialism, and took the path to the right.

    I have a couple of his books and he is a great man.

  10. IF a leader did appear how many of us would fight with/for him? How many marches for Trump have we had? How many supported Pamela Gellar? How many on this very site jumped on Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin and any body else with any semblance of Christian leadership? Face it. We’re all talk. Whereas antifa and the communists actually do something.
    Next time someone steps forward and puts it on the line I suggest you support them and stop tearing them down.

  11. Grool….the point you are missing is the duty of every servant of God to ensure that Justice and righteousness is practiced in the public square — city gates. This is the law and the prophets. The Church has totally punted on teaching this command. Many think politics is just not their spiritual gift…and Jesus suffered so that we get an excuse form from God. That’s not theologically sound and plays right in to the Atheist Marxist opiate of the masses that ENJOYS the church preaching endure endless suffering to its own suffering flock. That is NOT the Good Shepherd in any shape or form….nor is it the life and deeds of a called sheep. If theology doesn’t make practical sense….then metaphors have zero meaning. A community of believers allowing injustice and unrighteousness to be accepted as though the eyes of Job’s friends…like God says of the friends….weren’t talking right about Him. Jesus did not suffer the cross so we could deny others of earthly justice….He suffered the cross BECAUSE of that sin. Right.

  12. Fur, that is SO incredibly cool! Thanks for sharing that, because I don’t think I am following Metaxas (I am now!), and wouldn’t have seen that. I’m “Almost Famous” lol


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