Kirsten ‘I’m just trying to get some ranch’ Gillibrand Teams Up With Former Soviet Propaganda Outfit – IOTW Report

Kirsten ‘I’m just trying to get some ranch’ Gillibrand Teams Up With Former Soviet Propaganda Outfit

Hey, Mueller. You wanna take a crack at this Russian collusion?

WFB: 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand is set to sign on to a policy proposal penned in part by a Marxist think tank best known for serving as a de facto Soviet mouthpiece during the Cold War.

BuzzFeed reported Tuesday that the New York senator will endorse a new report recommending steps to reduce the racial wealth divide, including policies such as a commission to study slavery reparations.

“A draft of the report, titled ‘Ten Solutions to Bridge the Racial Wealth Divide,’ will be jointly released this week by the Institute for Policy Studies, the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, and the National Community Reinvestment Coalition,” they report. Gillibrand told BuzzFeed News that she was “proud” to support the document.

One of the organizations Gillibrand is “proud” to partner with, the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), was infamous during the Cold War for its defense of Communist governments and for its kneejerk support of the Soviet line.

Emory Professor and preeminent historian of American Communism Harvey Klehr dedicated an entire chapter of his book “Far Left of Center” to the IPS, which he characterized as “an intellectual nerve center for the radical movement, providing sustenance and support for a variety of causes, ranging from nuclear and anti-intervention issues to support for Marxist insurgencies.”

“IPS fellows have consistently maintained that the Soviet threat is largely non-existent and a product of the military-industrial complex,” he wrote. Klehr detailed how IPS fellows’ partnered with Soviet-funded “peace” organizations, defended USSR and Vietnam from charges of human rights abuses, defended the Sandinistas and other Latin-American terrorists, and denied the existence of the Cambodian genocide, even as two million people died.  more here

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  1. Since John Kerry colluded with the VietCong to stab this country in the back, the bar has already been set for what the Demorats can get away with. Ted Kennedy colluded with the KGB, the Clintons colluded with Russia, China and anybody else who would slip them a dollar, Obama colluded with Iran, CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood and rewarded them all handsomely. Kristen’s actions are barely a blip on that scale.

  2. Every leftist candidate for POTUS has the same platform. They just try to find different ways to package it.
    Marxism, racial division, government control and money, money, money.
    And everyone considering which one to vote for has the same criteria. Gimme, gimme, gimme.

  3. If stupid Gillybrand were trying to advance herself
    She would be distancing herself from drug crazed
    beato and Aoc and the two Minnesota moslems and
    stupis-ass Schitt and lying Schmuck Chomper and
    Lousy Puh-Lousy and Cherry Nadler

    She should be sucking up to and ON
    Bernie Sanders

    Who despite being an outright Communist
    ( except for the rich ruling class like himself )

    has a far better chance of being nominated than
    the rest at the hog trough.

    That’s, of course

    If she were smart .

  4. Money, money, and money.
    The 3 main reasons for running for President.
    She knows that she hasn’t got a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning the election, but she’s loath to going back to making porno films, so she’s figured out this scam. Next she’ll come up with some bullshit “Carbon Exchange” agreement with Gore, Emanuel, Jarrett, and Obola. Or she’ll be HRC’s bitch for a few $Tens of $Millions.

    One thing she’ll NEVER do is support America by promoting fealty to our Constitution.

    izlamo delenda est …


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