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Abortion Isn’t Going to Save the Democrats

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And not surprisingly, with just a month to go before the election, the seeming shift to abortion as a major issue has evaporated as Americans’ top concerns have landed right back to where they started – the economy, More
The Chart of Doom is Here

8 Comments on Abortion Isn’t Going to Save the Democrats

  1. I realize this will be unpopular but the SCOTUS should have waited until AFTER NOVEMBER from a Political perspective.

    I obviously understand that they acted quickly to save lives, but given the the history of the Democraps ability to buy media & steal votes, playing the LONG GAME and waiting may have been the better choice. It may have saved even more lives IF the Demos manage to Steal another election.

    Picture, If Russia capitulates (unlikely), Biden has a few successes (can`t imagine), the stock market has an “Engineered Bounce`, Gas prices come down, & coupled with the Lefties Love of killing babies, The Senate MIGHT NOT switch over.

    Though unlikely, it could come to fruition and Fuck The World for 2 more years.

    They should have quietly laid in wait for November to pass just to play it a bit safer.

  2. Kcir,

    They couldn’t. The case was in the pipeline and on the Docket for that term. They simply can’t move it to the next term. The path was set years ago. Their choices were: 1. Hear the case. Or 2. Refuse to hear the case. That’s it. The next case that came along may have been inferior or flawed, and lost support from one or more of the left leaning conservatives.


  3. The dem rats ain’t worth keeping alive – as Steve McQueen said to Karl Malden in Nevada Smith. Hopefully their folly will lead to their mass extinction someday soon.

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