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This Is Why the Left Hates James Woods

Beta male Chris Hayes was whining about Fox News showing an inordinate amount of footage of crimes where the perps are black.

James Woods responded-

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  1. And nothing going to change unless someone has the balls to point out who’s causing the problem. And it’s one specific segment of the black community. The Democrat plantation blacks. The welfare community.

  2. I guess if Elon blows 44 billion into the wind on this thing I’ll log back into tweeker just to follow James Woods. Maybe. After I read the new TOS. Sober. Heh.


  3. ^^^^^LOL, yea, I got booted so hard last time it still may stick. I get back on I’m going right back after that bitch Ron Perlman. LOL. Pretty sure we can be friends.

  4. @ brad

    Deal. Tweeker puts up a TOS that wont whip out the blam stick on my first post… I’m In. We should all log in just to make the leftoids eat the shit sandwich they created. 🙂


  5. “who’s causing the problem.”

    There are perpetrators and then there are enablers, instigators, and fomenters, 2 sides of the same coin and both equally culpable.

    It is the race-hustlers, the BLM leaders, and the black advocates of hate and privilege that stoke the flames. They plant the seeds of insurrection, they condone violence in the face of faux equity, they paint the nation as one big boot on the necks of every black man, and it is the inherent right of that black man to not only fight back but to take anything they can grab of steal, to make up for that which was taken from them.

    Comity between the haves and the have nots can be achieved, as we have seen in the past by wealth accumulation, but I don’t see the races ever working out their problems in an amicable way, we are too far apart.

  6. LuvntheBIGsites

    I’m in too. It actually could be epic. Contrary to popular opinion, I think Elon just might be a Patriot. He’s not a stupid man. And the Old Twitter gave a huge advantage to your average brain dead Hollywood type. Like Mr. Hellboy. And I’m an asshole with an attitude and have dreams about jumping back in the middle of his shit. Fucker threatened me. So I excepted the challenge, boom gone. Almost as soon as I hit send. We can’t be shaking the Hollywood elite out of their own reality now can we?

  7. I’m not trusting Elon when he wants the everything app.

    As for black folks committing crimes. Last Friday night in North Tulsa, the black part of town at McClain HS, a black HS with years of violence after a football game people were shot in the parking lot. 1 killed, 1 critically injured, later they found out two more were shot but made their own way to hospital, one of those 9 years old. So two 17 year olds, one dead and a 20 year old.
    The school that was playing them put out that we would no longer play at this HS because it wasn’t safe for their players, students and parents. The school they were going to play this week said they would not be going to play there either as it wasn’t safe.

    Who are the blacks mad at? The schools that won’t play them, because they’re racist and it’s not like they did the shooting on the football field. There school is great according to them and they ain’t gonna have no white schools or whit m.fers disrespect their school. That they have to fear being lynched anytime they go to these white schools, but they’re not pussies and go anyway. I read someone comment to them on one of the news articles on FB to provide the news article of the last black kid that was lynched at a fb game at a white school. Of course their comments to that person was f.u. racist, you’re a white supremacist, a trumpster, etc.
    The shooter is still at large because it’s North Tulsa and snitches get stitches.

  8. Was that on Twitter?
    I follow James Woods on Twitter and could not find that response.
    Not saying I don’t agree with it. In fact from James Woods or others that is an awesome response.


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