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Acceptance of Censorship Starts In School

A recent Gallup poll indicates that 22% of college students today believe that it is appropriate to silence those who would upset others with their “hate speech.”


This lack of commitment to the First Amendment has been steadily rising among the young and is a worrisome sign of the future that will be entrusted to those who would censor others.

According to George Washington University Law Professor Catherine Ross, children learn to expect the suppression of speech from our grade and high schools.

Her book “Lessons in Censorship: How Schools and Courts Subvert Students’ First Amendment Rights” describes how the courts have allowed schools to erode the right to expression by students in the name of school discipline and how young people today have learned the wrong lesson from this experience.

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  1. Just an observation but there seems to be a trend of Trump and Cruz supporters willing to insult each other for having an opinion. Not censorship per se but…

  2. Of course, those 22% who support censorship have no problem going up to some person they don’t even know and screaming in their face, “CHECK YO’ PRIV’LAGE YOU WHITE MATHAHFAKAH!!!..”

  3. duh, I just emailed my local talk radio host about the quadrillions of wasted student hours being conditioned to wait on the govt to provide: transportation, education, vaccines, “rights”, “Love of Country,” etc.

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