Activist performs mock abortions on watermelons to demonstrate how easily they are done

Considering how many black babies are aborted, I’d say the choice of fruit was poor.


Abortion activists demonstrated how easy it is to abort an unborn baby during a progressive political conference Friday in Philadelphia.

Using a watermelon to simulate the procedure, abortion activists with Abortion Access Front tried to convince people that it is both simple and safe to abort an unborn baby with a plastic manual vacuum aspirator and cannula, The Blaze reports. Never mind that watermelons are not unique human beings with heartbeats.

One video shows abortion clinic consultant Jen Moore Conrow explaining how to abort an 11- to 12-week unborn baby, using a watermelon to simulate a pregnant woman’s uterus. This happened during a panel discussion at the Netroots Nation conference, according to Breitbart. The panel title was “Operation Save Abortion.”

“We create suction to remove pregnancy tissue,” Conrow explained, holding the plastic manual vacuum aspirator.

videos HERE

Another panelist added: “It’s not surgery. It’s basic health care. It’s easy to do, safe. We need more providers.”

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22 Comments on Activist performs mock abortions on watermelons to demonstrate how easily they are done

  1. She should have demonstrated the removal of a gizzard from a roaster chicken with the drumsticks up in stirrups.

  2. The science based community.

    In all fairness, this guy is as much of a doctor is Bill Nye is a scientist.

    Who wants to do a photoshop of Netroots Nation’s version of the Operation game. The patient is black and you remove an unwanted watermelon from his/her/xer stomach.

    The thigh bone’s connected to the drumstick.

  3. How much lower and evil can they become. The pro aborts have no soul and are totally depraved beyond belief to believe that this demonstration is no big deal. May God have mercy on them because I can’t.

  4. It’s always easier to destroy than to create.

    That doesn’t mean that it is right to do so…

  5. Did the contents of the watermelon squirm and twist in a futile attempt to avoid the abortionist’s tools? Did it writhe in agony as it was sucked out?

  6. “Spartacus: You disappoint me, Marcus Glabrus, playing dead. You afraid to die? It’s easy to die. Haven’t you seen enough gladiators in the arena to see how easy it is to die?”

    ‘”Sparticus” (1960)

  7. How in the hell someone is sitting there thinking this up as a reason to make it all ok. This person sat there and thought a lot about this.

  8. They have succeeded.
    They have erased the natural Motherhood love for their children.
    Think about that.
    They have poisoned women so badly that they despise their own children so much that they aren’t even human. They are nothing. Pregnancy tissue, to be discarded.
    This is the kind of thing that got Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed.
    And this time we deserve it richly

  9. gillette will probably start making a disposable unit for home use. If it is plastic and you throw it out after using it, they will have an interest.
    Since this was in philly, did they consult gosnell about how he used to do it? I wonder if he preferred a steak knife or a paring knife.


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