Add One More Hour To 2020

Turn your clocks back tonight to add
one more hour to this %#@*& year!

“Oh, Lord! Do we HAVE to?!”

Well, I suppose you don’t have to, but you might be late for quite a few appointments in the next two months if you wait until 2021.

13 Comments on Add One More Hour To 2020

  1. Normally, I would say that one more hour isn’t going to hurt you. This ain’t normal, so let’s just leave it at that.

  2. Day light savings is…’tiring’ at this point.

    Get rid of it…

    Can @farmers wife – tell me if this is still necessary from a farming side of life these daze still??

  3. Uncle Al
    OCTOBER 31, 2020 AT 4:02 PM
    “Daylight saving time is gay.”

    …yep. I work in a food plant, and all the processes are time dependant. I get to wake up an hour earlier so I lose my first hour later and set dozens of clocks all in different configurations and from different eras of automation, some using proprietary standards, that all have to be in synch with each other and a central time system before the first kettle is heated.


    …so if you have some way to stop Congress from this Democrat created stupidity, I’ll second your convulsion…

  4. One more hour for President Trump to campaign and kick joeys ass on Tuesday. Other than that get rid of DST and keep it on standard time year round. If you really want to screw yourself up try crossing the Pacific Ocean where with every new time zone we passed thru we had to adjust the clocks forward an hour heading West and setting them back one hour when we came home to the East.

  5. Why. Have we not been through the ringer enough.
    2020 the year that will not end soon enough.
    Hardest year of my life. 63 of them.

  6. Its time to end Daylight Savings Time. I mean, the Government has thousands of warehouses full of daylight already, and what are they going to do with it all? And they can’t release it because – BOOM! – instant global warming.

    Stop the madness now!

  7. OT….Halloween….I live in the middle of everywhere Kansas. My town has maybe 30 old decrepit individuals like myself. Maybe 100 people live within 10 square miles of town……I’VE HAD MORE THEN 50 TRICK OR TREATERS…maybe there is hope for us fly over old bastards…..They took all of the peanut M&M’s, pricks!….I went as an older.fat cowboy who’d of drawn on them if they’d wiped me out of my snicker bars….got’s me some twizzlers as backup…..

  8. Fucking clocks. The problem is I like clocks, watches, fucking longitude.

    I dig the complications. I’m not so happy about fractured balance staffs. And fucking squeeze-to crystals. Mmnn.

    Take your DST and shove it up your ass.

    I can fix a lot of shit in a fucked up clock or watch. But I can’t fix DST.

    I can even tune chimes. I can even say, “Oh yeah, that mainspring is hosed.”

    I can’t fix DST.

  9. Stumped. Went outside at 2 a.m. to turn my sundial to rest the the time back one hour. Gave up after thirty minutes. I couldn’t figure out if I should turn it cw or ccw nor by how many degrees if I did figure out the correct direction. The blue moon didn’t help. I’ll just stay on summer time.


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