Dallas Man Proud Of His Graphic Halloween Display

Yes, the cops were called.

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  1. Every 2 years my scout troop does a series of simulated disasters, and the patrols go around to the various scenarios and have to respond accordingly. One year I was at the wheel of a car that had crashed into a tree (we get vehicles from the junkyard), acting injured and then having a heart attack. We were in a quiet residential area but were partially in the street, and people driving by expressed concern. At least one called 911. Fortunately we have close ties to emergency services here and warn them in advance – in fact we usually have a patrol car rolling to one site as part of the scenario and a fire engine to another.

    Our troop has recorded dozens of lives saved by scouts and parents as a result of the training, and I assisted in one incident many years ago, a high-speed rollover on the freeway.

  2. Wondering if you’ve done a good enough job with your Halloween decorations and the cops show up. Sounds like success to me.


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