After Endorsing Clinton, Obama Admin Calls FBI’s Email Investigation ‘Criminal’

Politistick: The left is amazingly skilled at twisted narratives. They understand the power of words. They’re not “illegals,” they’re “undocumented workers.” It’s not “constitutional infringement,” it’s “commonsense gun regulation.”

For Hillary Clinton, it’s not a federal criminal investigation concerning her email scandal; it is, instead, a “security inquiry”- whatever that means.

Truly, if the left spent half as much time fostering economic growth as they do sugar-coating nefarious deeds, we would have our debt paid-off in no time.

Earlier this month, Hillary Clinton attempted to significantly downplay the seriousness of the investigations being conducted into her email scandal. The former Secretary of State is being investigated by federal authorities for maintaining a private mail account hosted on a private, unsecured server over which she transmitted thousands of classified and top-secret documents. When discussing the federal investigations into her conduct, Clinton called the FBI’s investigation a “security inquiry.”

FBI Director James Comey was quick to clarify that he does not even know what a “security inquiry” means. “We’re conducting an investigation… That’s what we do.”  MORE

6 Comments on After Endorsing Clinton, Obama Admin Calls FBI’s Email Investigation ‘Criminal’

  1. hillary has a proven record of criminal activity and has never been held accountable for her actions. All appearances indicate the FBI “may” recommend indictment, in the same light, the politically partisan DOJ will choose not to prosecute.

  2. So much for justice being blind. It’s like the the mob accountant investigating it’s own organization for fraud.

    Nothing to see here, move along.

  3. which “gender” of barrock made the endorsement?

    was it one “wishes it was a vagina” endorsing another “wishes it was a vagina”?

  4. Barky must have accepted a huge under-the-table off-shore account donation from the Clinton Cartel to suddenly become “bosom buddies” with Hittlery…his one time status of hating all things Clinton seems to have reversed itself…that or the Cartel has the goods on Barky proving he is no citizen of the USA….with the evidence that he is disqualified and not President.


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