After Losing Seats in the Senate the Left Calls To Abolish It Altogether

No, this is NOT the Babylon Bee. This is actually being discussed.

The reality is the Senate isn’t just undemocratic by definition, it’s undemocratic in a way that virtually guarantees that as white people drift rightward nationwide, so will the Senate. We will need to delegitimize the Senate and SCOTUS if progressivism is to stand a chance.


The Senate must change. The majority of citizens voted for Democrats for Senate, but the GOP retains a majority of seats b/c the Senate is undemocratic. That might’ve been fine 230 years ago w/a population of less than 4 million people in 13 states, but today it’s unacceptable.


The population of Wyoming is: 579,315.

The population of California is: 39,540,000.

Each gets 2 senators which means Wyoming has 68 TIMES as much representation in the US Senate as California. 68!

This has NOTHING to do with “democracy” or the “will of the people.”



fter losing another three Senate seats last night, increasing Republicans’ majority to at least 54 seats, many on the left are calling for abolishing the Senate altogether.

The movement received its first boost after Vox co-founder, Ezra Klein, said it would be a “crisis” if Democrats win the “House popular vote” but not the House itself.

Of course, these people are neglecting to mention that the most populous state, California, had a Democrat vs. Democrat Senate race, so the vote totals will inevitably skew Democrat. And that the purpose of the Senate is not “democracy,” but rather equally representing states in Congress.

NBC’s Ken Dilanian cryptically warned that coastal states won’t long tolerate the influence of non-coastal states:



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  1. The purpose of the Senate was to represent the individual states.
    That purpose was destroyed by the 17th Amendment to the Constitution, a power grab by the Wilsonian Socialists to circumvent the Constitutional “Balance of Power.”

    They succeeded.

    Now, since they’re wailing and gnashing their teeth over the latest public rejection of their imbecilic agenda, they want to further destroy the Foundations of the Republic to bring us closer to the Totalitarian Dictatorship they desire.

    Fuck them.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Quick! Someone tell them that the easiest and fastest way to do away with the Senate is to repeal the 17th Amendment! They’ll never have to deal with losing another Senate election again!

  3. This is what the barrell end of a shotgun or an AR15 is for… thats how to respond to this leftist drivel. Try it…

  4. Ditto TN Tuxedo. Say it will help ‘healthcare’ and the ‘quality of life’ for all Americans, and they’ll vote for it. Or bundle it together with 3 or more items like here in FL. Read it? Shoot, it takes more than one site to decipher them.

  5. When the demo(n)s are losing, they always want to take the ball and leave so no one can play.
    As if they had any balls.

  6. Clueless stupid effin morons.

    American History on the Founding needs to be taught in public schools-get old history text books (pre 1960’s) update the illustrations and fire any teacher who deviates from the text.

    Pass it into law…in the Senate!

  7. These idiots were never taught we are a Republic. We have representatives not a show of hands. They simply cannot stand they can’t spread their filthy liberal socialism to the majority of the country and if you look at any election map 90% is red. So how about factor that in a-holes.

  8. If they are successful in doing away with the Electoral College and/or the Senate, the chances of civil war will drastically increase. And most of the military will NOT be on their side.

  9. At first, it seemed the Left used “1984” as their how-to guide.
    Now, it seems more like they’re using, “Idiocracy.”

  10. That is some mighty big trash talk when you say the coastal states won’t long tolerate this much longer.
    When I look at the graphs by county it seems if we turn off the power, food, fuel you might all be in a world of hurt.

    Think about it boys, we’re getting real tired of your shit.

  11. Let’s not do any thing ina hurry. we can start off by shutting down the house for two years,
    and shift their power to the Senate. See how that works!

  12. This is no different than when they compare violent gun crime using per capita values.

    Stupid goofs, that means when there’s a single gun crime in a city of 10,000 people and Chicongo has 1 murder for every 20,000 people. More fcuking people are getting shot in Chicongo, PERIOD! The city with only 10,000 people doesn’t have a higher murder RATE.

  13. Hey Ken Dildonium, another thing the you coastal elite pukes wont be able to tolerate is the drastically reduced food rations you’ll have if and when you start up with some squirrely shit

    Do you people even know where your food comes from and how easy it would be to stop all shipments into your soulless, coastal mega-enclaves? Keep this up and you’ll find out

  14. Let’s go one step further. Let’s make each county have one vote
    That way the urban centers like cook county will only have one vote. i live in southern Illinois, so my little county with 15,000 people would be able to counter the millions of stupid and dead people in Chicago.

  15. Typical Democrat. Knows NOTHING about the Constitution or the reasons the founding Fathers wrote it that way. All they can see is the so-called “popular” vote, not realizing for a second that that is what the founding Fathers wanted to avoid.

  16. By that logic we need to extermina…, er, revoke the citizen of all Progcommies to save the Republic and Republicanism.

  17. NCO77
    My Freshman year in college the President was 1 of 2 who each got 48.7% of the popular vote. This man got all the votes of ~10,000 dead me from your Cook County. this won him your state; which in turn won him the Electoral College.
    Do you know his name?

    I think you do based on your comment.

  18. These incessant attacks on the figurative foundation of the country will only lead to a ciolent conflict that the left will lose; it won’t be long before all it takes is one flashpoint

  19. Somehow, these retards missed the lesson in school of the Virginia Plan and New Jersey Plan in the forming of our Republic. It’s the staple of how our elections work.

  20. So, the one guy tweets “The founding fathers were cool and pretty smart by 1789 standards”

    Well by 2018 stands they are super super cool and really exceptionally pretty smart – a lot smarter than anyone I will ever know.

    They didn’t have all the mind pollution we have today and actually used their brains


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