After Seattle Passes “Head Tax” Proponents of Bill Shout “We’ll Be Back For More”


Supporters of a Seattle tax hike on large businesses chanted “we’ll be back for more” after its passage on Monday.

The Seattle City Council unanimously approved the so-called “head tax,” which will charge large businesses like Amazon and Starbucks $275 per full-time worker each year. It will raise $48 million to pay for services combating the city’s homelessness problem.

In a video flagged by Americans for Tax Reform, advocates holding signs with slogans like “Reject Capitalism’s Race to the Bottom” shouted for further taxes on major companies.


The shouters looked like a central casting call for leftist-looking losers. They were mostly unhappy looking college-aged girls with a sprinkling of old confirmed bachelorette cat women. These are the useful idiots in Seattle.

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  1. “Reject Capitalism’s Race to the Bottom”

    They reject everything about Capitalism except all the wealth it provides for them to tax and still be able to “come back for more.”

  2. Well, Texas is looking pretty good this time of year, according to all Seattle CEOs heading businesses with $20 million in annual revenues.

  3. These will be the same people who will complain the loudest when these businesses raise prices to offset the taxes.

  4. why don’t these people move to China- Russia or a third world country and see what it’s really like to live as they dream of happening here. stupid people breed stupid children..

  5. On top of this, yesterday the governor came out in favor of a new carbon tax! I’m in a bit of a foul mood today. We need Adm. Rogers to drop some bombshells at the hearing today, or the OIG report to come out, something, anything.

  6. These tapeworms, parasites and maggots will never be satisfied…always remember that…


  7. “race to the bottom”
    that goes with communism & socialism.
    capitalism is “race to the top!”

  8. “race to the bottom”
    that goes with communism & socialism.
    capitalism is “race to the top!”

    Radio you beat me to it. Seattle is another Caracas.

  9. Yeesh. Leftist utopian dreams will kill the Golden Goose and they’ll be left wondering, “Why, oh why? We need to protest the lack of jobs!!!”

    The only thing saving the state of WA right now is it’s Constitution- no state income tax. We are in a ridiculous situation where we are tax friendly like Texas and Florida with an island of crazy where WA’s biggest businesses reside. Amazon etc…can move across the lake where there is equal wealth to Seattle but strangely a very noticeable lack of homelessness and heroin.

    There is a ton of high tech here and for that I’d imagine it’ll be hard for such businesses to just up and leave (ignore how they vote, but there are very talented intelligent people here, who like the PNW/Left Coast and would balk at living elsewhere). Some companies and people will move. Boeing did “leave” but planes are still built in Everett because of the trained work force.

    Local KIROTV did a poll and a majority of people (who are no doubt 99% lefty) are against the head tax. There is a senator who believes that a city council shouldn’t be able to levy this kind of income tax. That right belongs to the legislature which if they stick to WA Constitution-the head tax will be overturned.

    This head tax is stupid beyond words.

  10. illustr8r, on your point regarding Boeing moving their corporate headquarters, I can’t believe with all the places they could have gone, they chose Chicago! I’ve always thought that was a strange choice.

  11. I think BOEING kept some stuff open in Seattle because they were afraid of lawsuits by unions + the laws of the state that favored unions. I forget how that went.

    Anyway, a while back in Las Vegas, a few casinos were getting brutalized by some SEIU people who were working in the restaurants and so the casinos figured out the only way to get rid of them was to close the restaurants. lol. Hundreds of union employees lost their jobs within a few weeks. Kicker is, they aren’t re-employable at casinos once they quit or lose their jobs. These were dumbasses who worked for near $20 per hour waiting and busing tables and were made to give $7or $8 of that back to the union. So $11(because, union!) plus tips (which were also taxed by the Feds) but that’s the Casino’s fault, not the unions, right?
    And this is why Vegas dealers don’t want to unionize.

  12. MJA: why aren’t they re-employable elsewhere? Because there is a glut on the market? The other places weren’t union? There is a regulation in place?

  13. Please keep these dumb ideas on the West side of the state of Wash. as we have enough dumbasses on our city council in Spokane that they would think this is a great idea as well. Little Ben Stuckart (What is it with little guys and little guy syndrome) who is the city council President who wants to run for Mayor next yr. has already stated he wants to raise our taxes.

  14. RadioMattM- I’m not sure exactly if an agreement with the unions allow it, and basically, a company can hire/fire whomever they want, but… since casinos are owned by chains, if you piss off one casino in a chain, you’re done with that chain. And yeah, there’s a glut.

  15. Usually, casino owned hotels and restaurants are union. (That’s why those particular casinos ended up shutting them down to get rid of union trouble makers) If a casino rents space to a private owned restaurant or store, they don’t have to hire union workers. This is what I was told by casino employees.

  16. I thought it might have been something like that. My wife and I were in Las Vegas to see Rod Stewart in 2015 and me noticed that all of the restaurants were owned by others, such as Gordon Ramsey and Wolfgang Puck.

    The fact that the hotels are union probably explains why the one we stayed at was not a very pleasant experience. They took the “ude” from rude and put it in attitude. You would think that a town that depended on tourists would at least try and be friendly towards them. No tourists, no job.

  17. I can’t wait until Kshama Savant is up for re-election again. Her crazy has been exposed now with her dumb protests and rants about the head tax. Maybe, maybe her constituents will finally wake the heck up and see they are messing with a good thing. Just how much has your home gone up in value since the tech boom, eh? Do you want your employer to leave the area because of stupid taxes? You like your job, yes?

    People should be embarrassed that they have voted for Savant. Why do I have to do “the nod the smile” around idiots who vote for the likes of her? Such is life.


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