Rand Paul Asks Trump’s CIA Pick Whether She Knew About Campaign Surveillance

DC: Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is asking President Donald Trump’s pick for CIA director whether she was aware of surveillance conducted against any presidential candidates in the run-up to the 2016 election.

“I write to ask you for clarification on some of the practices of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), particularly in relation to surveillance during the 2016 presidential election,” Paul wrote to Gina Haspel, acting CIA director.

“Under what circumstances does the CIA trail, monitor, or otherwise collect information on the communications and movements of U.S. presidential candidates, both domestically and while they are traveling outside of the United States?” The Republican asked.

Haspel has faced a tough battle through the confirmation process, largely because of her past work at a CIA site where terror suspects were tortured. Paul and his fellow Republican, Arizona Sen. John McCain, have said they oppose Haspel’s confirmation. But she is likely to be confirmed anyway since several Democrats have said they will support her.  more here

6 Comments on Rand Paul Asks Trump’s CIA Pick Whether She Knew About Campaign Surveillance

  1. Great question, Senator. If it never got asked, she’d never have to answer. I would hate to find out too late that Trump got saddled with another deep stater he couldn’t fire. But I figure Haspel is okay because McCain opposes her nomination.

  2. Thanks for posting this, Fur. It’s an interesting turn of events, if what Paul asserts is true. I do hope that SOMEONE on Trump’s team had the presence of mind to wonder and ask.

  3. Dims conjured up faux outrage over how she handled terrorists. She’s a patriot. Would they be so adamantly opposed to her if she was on their side? Even McCain opposes her. Doubtful she’s a deep state dim.

  4. 3RD WIN

    Agreed. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend!”!

    Which precisely explains why I voted for a progressive in ’04. I will die hating JFK!

    Having said the above – is hate a good enough reason for voting for a bad man? Which hindsight says I did in ’04?!@#!%


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