Again, They Introduce Kamala Harris as the Next President of the United States

23 Comments on Again, They Introduce Kamala Harris as the Next President of the United States

  1. Because they know that she will be

    Old Joe is just there to drag her across because she couldn’t win on her own

    Only way Kommiemala gets anywhere is by using men in one way or the other

  2. Did you hear that song they were playing?
    Basically saying you’re a beautiful queen even though others don’t like you because of your skin tone.
    Racist crap.
    Make Kommila seem more like a victim who’s fighting the white man.

  3. Let the fools be fools, She is not qualified by birth to be President. PDT will get at least 300 electoral college votes.

  4. They positioned this whore because she is a whore: she’ll do literally anything – sexually or financially – for a buck or a job.

  5. Probably will end up that way, that’s why she’s on the ticket.

    We’ll know Tuesday (if they count everything without delays).

    But how will you deal with it when (if) it happens?

  6. If Biden wins every single person who voted for him will regret it!
    As for us who tried to tell them we’ll survive the next four years and see a Republican landslide.

  7. I refer to it as the Harris-Biden ticket. Accuracy counts (especially if they provoke ACW2 by stealing the election by fraud).

  8. The smarmy, smug, weirdness that she radiates was enough to have the democratic voters reject her utterly during the primaries.

    Why do Joe n Co think that the democrats would want her NOW?

  9. chuffed-beyond-words:

    They know she’d be the party whore, doing whatever she’s told. They knew she couldn’t front the ticket, but she’ll be on her knees for 4 straight years if she’s elected. So will we.

  10. I see a scenario exactly like how Oregon got saddled with it’s incompetent rug-muncher governor. In the midst of his reelection bid, our previous governor was embroiled in a massive scandal that the MSM worked extra hard to hide and cover-up. An ignorant electorate voted to reelect Kitzhaber, and THEN the media opened the flood-gates. He resigned, and the secretary of State, hapless Kate Brown was named governor by default. The media working hand-in-glove with the democrat party. A practice run for what is going on now with Pedo Joe and Kameltoe.

  11. Now that is something Really Scary for Halloween.
    If the guy in Dallas really wanted to scare and gross out people he could have put out a mock oval office with Kamala setting behind the desk on his front lawn. Oh, the horror.

    But, maybe added some humor to it with Walt standing nearby aiming his M-1 telling her to “get off my lawn”.

  12. This is so strange. The woman doing the intros did not make a mistake – she was dead serious.

    I know it has happened a few times over the last few weeks and dumbass Joe even said it. But the whole thing is just so unbelievable. I don’t get it at all. I understand them thinking about her as the president if Joe kicks it, but to exclaim it in public is just – unreal, as well as downright stupid. It’s saying to democrat voters – yeah vote for Joe, but you’ll get Harris instead.


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