Aide to freshman Virginia congresswoman Abigail Spanberger calls Trump-supporters ‘irreedeemable, white trash pieces of s—‘

American Thinker:

Freshman Democrat Abigail Spanberger rode the “moderate” train in 2018 to oust conservative Republican Dave Brat in Virginia’s 7th District.  It was a tight race in a heavily Republican district.  Spanberger played to suburban soccer moms in counties that had always voted Republican.  She hauled in millions from across the country and had the Soros-funded pro-abortion EMILY’s List busing in volunteers from up north to knock on our doors.

In every pre-election interview and town hall, Spanberger touted her CIA background as a unique qualification in matters of national security.  She promised to engage in civil discourse in her dealings with Republican members of Congress.  She stayed far away from the “A” (abortion) word, sanctuary cities, and illegal immigration, couching her responses in the usual political double talk.  The strategy worked, and it was due largely to one of her earliest supporters and trusted aides.

Gordon “Max” Heyworth worked with the congresswoman at a consulting firm after she left the CIA in 2014.  He joined team Spanberger in 2017, where his Linkedin page describes his duties as developing communications, fundraising, crafting position statements, coordinating social media campaigns, and writing Spanberger’s nomination and victory speeches.

According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Spanberger and her Washington press secretary followed Heyworth’s Twitter posts.  Did they turn a blind eye to his savage attacks on various Virginia state delegates, senators, President Trump, and his supporters?  Only after the Times-Dispatch exposed Heyworth’s tweets did Spanberger unfollow Heyworth, who uses the handle “Woke Mr. Plow.”  As of last Friday, his Twitter account has been deleted. read more

16 Comments on Aide to freshman Virginia congresswoman Abigail Spanberger calls Trump-supporters ‘irreedeemable, white trash pieces of s—‘

  1. Irredeemable = Deplorable

    Do the…mathematics.

    We are talkin’ bout’ simple shit here, they hate you(s) and I.

  2. Spanberger’s “the suburbs” win is what the Democrats are touting as the template for their comeback in 2020. Beware and get involved, ’cause if you’re not willing to go out and do the legwork that groups like Emily’s List will do to get out the votes for Republicans the Democrats will. If you think 2016 was a do or die election, we ain’t seen nothing yet.

  3. Democrat legislature helped more than Emily’s list. They completely gerrymandered the 7th district, removing conservative Hanover County. That was the end for Dave Brat. It was criminal.

  4. The voters suckered by yet another leftist chameleon. You’d think people who found voting important enough to participate in would take the time to examine those they cast their votes for.
    Brat was a good guy we didn’t need to lose, it’s a shame.

  5. @Abigail adams

    I sure did. I went down to the legislature and spoke my mind to them in an open hearing. Didn’t matter. They were engineering a coup and the hearing was just a formality.

  6. “Spanberger touted her CIA background as a unique qualification…”

    Makes you wonder what she actually did in Obama’s CIA and why she quit in 2014. Seems like there were a lot of spooks turning their lifetime Security Clearance Medallions into political careers back then.

  7. It amazes me how many politicians have apparently suspended the business of running the country – their actual job, I suspect – to make banging on Trump a full-time effort.
    Every one of them needs a tall tree and a short rope.


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