School shields the identity of a teacher who told students that Vice President Pence should be shot in the head

Let me get this straight. There is ZERO TOLERANCE for kids biting Pop Tarts into a loose shape of a gun, but a school teacher can tell impressionable students that the Vice President should be assassinated by having a bullet put in his head?

Are you kidding me?

Why is this teacher’s identity being shielded?


Union County GOP Chair Allison Powers said “To just wish that kind of violence on anybody is just way out of bounds,” but added she wouldn’t go “as far as asking for the teacher to be fired.” She said she trusts the school board to take the “appropriate action.”

Appropriate action would be to fire the teacher.

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  1. Union County GOP Chair Allison Powers is an idiot. This is why mental cases shoot up schools- because people like her are just pretending like nothing is wrong, laugh it off, or too lazy to follow up and demand they do something about ‘the mental problem.’

    Also, what parent wants that emotional trainwreck of a teacher anywhere near their kids?
    Cut off their funding til they cut off the teacher. And red flag that bitch.
    Or are Red Flags just for Conservatives who follow the law?

  2. MJA — I’m with you 100%! The GOP chair is obviously out of touch with what is going on public education these days. This is NOT irregular, it’s the norm! The teacher should not only be fired, they should undergo a mental evaluation and not be allowed to own a gun. And where, pray tell, is the FBI?

  3. Apparently she has been placed on administrative leave, according to some news sources. I support the idea of this kind of behavior being a “firing offense”.

  4. We can make Allllll the comments we want to but we could FLOOD them like a dry creek comes alive, tomorrow when they are open…9-5.


    Call them. This is not doxxing.

    And when the next ‘local’ story becomes national?

    Call them!! Find there public numbers, these ‘local’ places, not DC, only to get an intern (bluedress) on the line…oh..wait.

    That’s another story…thread.

  5. My high school sophomore son is taking an online class. One of the videos he had to watch featured some young douchebag teacher talking behind his laptop, which featured a sticker on the front saying, “This machine fights fascists”. Yet god forbid a teacher gives an online lecture in a MAGA hat. These punk teachers are feeling too safe in their public school bubble.

  6. @ Thirdtwin – and or anyone else that has never heard that reference of “This machine fights fascists”, this is the original.

    Woody Guthrie a songwriter and an American Communist.

    @ 0:19 you can see it, the above quote, on the face of his gee-tar.

    Guess what WOOOOOODIE. I HATE Commies as well.

    How bout’ Liberty Woody?

  7. MerryMouse: calling for the assassination of Pence is not a firing offence for a teacher. Being critical of Obama policies would have been, however.

  8. “Affiliation to a specific party does not entitle us to make statement like that to anyone,”
    This guy hasn’t been paying attention, they feel totally entitled.
    “Smash a Fash”, what about that do you not understand?

  9. Cuthbertson is one of Union’s richest schools. It is in Waxhaw, a slightly ritzy bedroom community that’s been infested and ruined by New Yawkers, hipsters, and other parasitic assholes. I know because I worked at a store in Waxhaw before moving down here. If it weren’t for them it would be a beautiful place to live. If you recall me telling stories about flocks of rude spandex faggots on bikes crowding winding country roads, it’s around Waxhaw that it happened.

  10. Typical GOP response, ah it’s nothing to get overheated about, just a slip of the tongue. Meanwhile the dems are foaming at the mouth with attacks and smears.
    That GOP rep needs to go preside over a quilting party and leave the heavy lifting to someone with some fire in their belly.

  11. The GOP County head is a RINO (and I suspect a NeverTrumper) and one can but hope that the voting members of this GOP group reads her comments and votes her out on her ass when she’s up for re-election. Anybody that says they trust a school board to take the “appropriate action” in a case like or similar to this does not belong in the GOP.

  12. the sad part is the children in the class already heard the teachers hate speech.
    how are they reacting to the encouraged violence now?
    five years from now?
    10 years from now?

    the teacher already did the damage.
    the children cannot unhear what they heard.

    the teacher deserves to be atleast fired if not incarcerated.


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