Air Canada to stop announcing ‘ladies and gentlemen’ in recognition of gender fluidity and “modernity”

I had no idea an alternate spelling for idiotic was modernity.


Employees aboard Air Canada flights will no longer greet guests by referring to them as “ladies and gentlemen” or “mesdames et messieurs,” which has been typical protocol for years, in an effort to be conscious of gender fluidity.

Flight attendants and other staff will not use the language in boarding announcements, and the company instead plans to replace the standard greetings with neutral words, such as “everybody” or “tout le monde.”

“We will be amending our onboard announcements to modernize them and remove specific references to gender,” a media spokesperson for the company said, also noting that Air Canada was named one of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers for 2019. “We work hard to make sure all employees feel like valued members of the Air Canada family, while ensuring our customers are comfortable and respected when they choose to travel with us.”


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  1. OT: I miss Moe Tom. Just woke up and was thinking about him. How much would our president have loved him if he knew him? Almost like two peas in a pod personality-wise? Right?

    Air Canada should greet every passenger as “Moe” for the next 24 hours. That would be appropriate.

  2. How about “Frogs & English Pigs” a bit of a Paul Newman “Slapshot” reference.

    Most miserable airline I have ever been on.

  3. Okay, so go with “Attention Perverts and Deviants…”

    Stuff like this is proof that not all psychological theory is hokum and crap. The concept of thanatos (death urge) is real and apparently contagious. They want to die–or at least for their civilization to die–yet they want to retain the unbelievable wealth of goodies which only their civilization can provide them.

    Like C.S. Lewis observed, they cut out the organ but demand its function continue. This is literally insane.

  4. This is as good a time as any to ask a question I’ve been wanting to ask the regulars, since issues of this nature come up frequently.

    First, a quote:

    “A silent heaven is the greatest mystery of our existence…Society, even in the great centres of our modern civilization, is all too like a slave-ship where, with the sounds of music and laughter and revelry on the upper deck, there mingle the groans of untold misery battened down below. Who can estimate the sorrow and suffering and wrong endured during a single round of the clock…But as for God—the light of the moon and stars is not more cold and pitiless that He appears to be!”

    — Sir Robert Anderson, “The Silence of God”

    Anderson wrote that over 100 years ago and things have only degenerated since. No one who believes in the God of the Bible can argue that He has been strangely silent for 2,000 years and apparently uninvolved in the face of man’s ever increasing madness, idolatry, depravity and savagery.

    So I want to ask: why do YOU believe He is not speaking and acting in ways which we know from the Bible He is fully capable of? Why has He been silent, whereas in the Old Testament, He readily spoke and acted in ways that NONE could mistake or ignore? I believe I know what the biblical answer is, but want to know what y’all think.

  5. Grool, God was also silent as his son died on the cross, but his anger was loudly apparent when Christ breathed his last breath.

    God will speak soon..very loudly..and it will happen when we least expect it. Stay on the right side of Christ. There will be hell to pay for those who have not.

  6. OT: But responding to grool’s concern.
    First a quotation from the book of Hebrews: “God, who at various times and in different ways spoke in the past to the fathers by the prophets, has in these last days spoken to us by His Son, whom He has appointed heir of all things, through whom also He made the worlds; who being the brightness of His glory and the expressed image of His person, and upholding all things by the word of His power, when He had by Himself purged our sins, sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high, having become so much better than the angels, as He has by inheritance obtained a more excellent name than they.” Hebrews 1:1 – 4.

    This quote speaks directly to the idea of the “silence of God” He still speaks loudly every day, through His eternal Word and through His creation; however, a great many people refuse to listen or deny He is speaking to them.
    This is but a partial explanation of this insanity in the whole world, not just Canada. So until eyes and ears are opened it is only going to get worse!

  7. ” No one who believes in the God of the Bible can argue that He has been strangely silent for 2,000 years and apparently uninvolved in the face of man’s ever increasing madness, idolatry, depravity and savagery”

    No one can?

    Maybe this needs a definition of “God” that doesn’t revolve around Mt. Olympus style gods.

    I believe in God and can see his involvement with man and mans activities all over the world for that last 2000 years as well as in my own daily live.

    Perhaps you’re looking for some kind of magician with a magic wand instead of God.

  8. Okay world champions, how about, “Welcome aboard ladies and gentlemen, and yes I did just assume your gender.”

    In math we can say 2+2=5 and be right about it as long as the answer is justified.

    The same should be applied to social settings. Even though it’s right, we acknowledge the wrong right away, thereby making it right.

    Besides, “We work hard to make sure all employees feel like valued members.” How are you going to make me feel like a valued member if you refer to me as “everyone?” That seems like you’re referring to me as just another number. If I’m to be valued, call me by my name and announce my gender.

  9. God is never silent.. He is speaking to us ALL the time.
    He speaks through Nature, through us, as we are his instruments. He speaks by using many languages (and not just the verbal kind).

  10. @Anonymous, when I saw the title of this article, the first thing I thought of was: what would Moe Tom say? 😉 I always looked forward to it! WWMTS!

  11. I knew a Moe Tom-like guy years ago. Every time he walked into a room, he’d greet people by saying:

    “You’re all fucked.”

  12. That’s why I come here…

    Bad night, little sleep. Prostrate has to be the size of a baseball.

    Reversed my usual order and came here before all the others that I visit everyday. Saw this one and snickered. Opened it up and what do I find but a psychological / theological discussion.

    Don’t see much value in my personal experience that currently has me as my version of the “militant agnostic.” At the risk of being flamed let me use the phrase that usually preceded the banning or dropping of commenters here. With NO DISRESPECT intended, “YOU PEOPLE” are precious to each other and me.

    Everyone has questions and often you end up with more questions when seeking answers. Until somebody that has passed comes back or is allowed to come back / message me with personal, discernible answers, I got nothing of value. I’m perhaps wrongly working on the journey and not the end game. Many others playing the game that can make me crazy, but wrapping myself like a rag around a drive shaft isn’t the answer.

    Many here have a faith that works. Mostly I shake my head or roll my eyes into the back of my skull. Maybe the comments posted here while I typed this diatribe have given the answers.

  13. Fritz’s answer was the closest, but no one seems to quite deal with the specific question of why God does not intervene in evil affairs…openly smiting the wicked, loudly humbling kings…as He once did. It’s not like there’s a lack of iniquity going around, industrialized child sacrifice for just one.

    COULD He deal with it? YES.

    But He chooses not to.

    He’s not blind, deaf, disinterested nor dead.

    So why?

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