Al Sharpton and Charles Rangel Agree: Andrew Cuomo Is the Dems’ Top Presidential Prospect for 2020


Rev. Al Sharpton and retired Congressman Charles Rangel both told the Observer yesterday that Gov. Andrew Cuomo has emerged as the early favorite for the 2020 Democratic nomination for president.

The two black leaders and sometime rivals offered effusive praise for the governor after he appeared in Harlem Monday to sign legislation forbidding prosecutors from trying 16- and 17-year-olds as adults in misdemeanor and most nonviolent felony cases. The new law marked the latest leftward lurch by the onetime centrist, who has also rolled out a host of infrastructure plans and instated a full scholarship program at public colleges for students from upper-middle-class to low-income backgrounds.


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23 Comments on Al Sharpton and Charles Rangel Agree: Andrew Cuomo Is the Dems’ Top Presidential Prospect for 2020

  1. Ha! Good idea … damned good idea!
    Almost better than running HRC!
    Or run that simpering cocksucking moslem guy … or both!
    Yeah! That’s the ticket!

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Hmm. Out of curiosity if just duckduckwent for “gimmeshitter” and got no hits. So there you have it – an Uncle Al original coinage!

    (C) 2017 Uncle Al

  3. As history often repeats, I suspect we’ll see them nominating Clueless Joe Biden for a repeat of the 1984 election (except Joe might not even take Delaware.)

  4. He wants to release black criminal community destroyers ASAP.

    Of course Rangel and Sharpton would be for that.

    To punctuate the statement, Cuomo specifically compared them to privileged white people and non criminals.

    “If they weren’t black poor criminals they wouldn’t be here.”

    And for statements like that, he gets a gold star. Awards will be handed out beginning of the month.

    If it was a conservative calling for an accelerated shutdown of the prison, all these progressives that are for it would be against it, “You’re taking away the only home for these poor black kids. They are going to take to the streets, unarmed, and will be shot by a white cop.”

  5. Oh well, if Heckle and Jeckle can stop their swindling for a minute to praise the Joker then it must be a foregone conclusion. At least I hope so because three more years of Governor Putz and even the urban strongholds that keep getting him elected won’t vote for him and even the fraudulent voters will stay away.

  6. Why come no black guy or woman for POTUS? I thought the Mooche was their next shoe in. May it be because Obama was the first and worse black President ever and another one wouldn’t be any different?

  7. God bless the retards that push Cuomo.

    It’ll be another 4 years of Trump kicking progtard ass after these 4.

  8. It won’t due. He is white and a privileged son. Look for the dems to recreate the magic of 2008. My money is on Keith Ellison. As Obama was more black than Bill Clinton, Keith Ellison is more black than Obama AND Ellison is a Muslim.

    So many affirmative action boxes to check the left won’t be able to help themselves.

  9. … about a guy without money for the pay-toilet?

    ‘Lost quarter … it’s just a shit away, just a shit away’

  10. We can only hope his smile is ‘shopped. Otherwise this links pretty closely to that article with the chicken with a dinosaurs’ mouth. The guy’s a fucking raptor.

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