Alaska Man Charged With ‘Unlawful Dental Act’

KFI: A dentist from Alaska, who is on trial for dozens of counts of Medicaid fraud, is also facing charges for committing an “unlawful dental act” for allegedly performing a tooth extraction while riding on a hoverboard. MORE

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  1. There was that time when I performed an unlawful dental act.

    But she seemed grateful and thanked me for a lovely evening.

  2. my great-grandfather started a barber shop back in the 1920’s. later my grandfather joined him in the ’30’s (my dad joined them, part-time in the late ’40’s, early ’50’s). my dad & granddad used to tell me they pulled teeth all the time &, as a child, I remember granddad keeping a jar of leeches on the shelf for black eyes & bruises. don’t think they ever used a hoverboard though.

    people been pulling bad teeth for millennia … without a license

  3. Now, this is a dumbass.
    What if he yanked that tooth and slipped and put it back…in her eye.
    Retard needs to have his license revoked.
    Like your defense lawyer juggling in the courtroom while he destroys the witness.

  4. I could be wrong. It has happened occasionally.
    But barbershops were once referred to as tonsorial parlors

    Barbers removed more than teeth.
    Before blue crossblue shield a

  5. A local dentist here once “took advantage” of a woman patient while she was under general anesthesia.

    When this was revealed, he was arrested and charged with filling the wrong cavity.

  6. Is there a regulation somewhere that specifies what dentist is supposed to be standing on while operating? Types of footwear? Can he sit? How about a rolling chair…


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