Alex Stein at Child Trans Rights Rally – IOTW Report

Alex Stein at Child Trans Rights Rally

What a freak show…

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  1. I always thought Alex had a couple of loose screws. The only way this makes sense is if he travels there with a half a dozen Proud Boys and then once the cameras are turned off they grab every one of those idiots that dumped stuff on Alex and they beat the shit out of him.

    Otherwise he is needlessly putting his life in danger and if he thinks these folks won’t resort to real violence, is kidding himself.

  2. ^^^^^ violent and cowardly. Their courage is fortified only by numbers and anonymity. And notice that most of them do their dirty work from behind. They all deserve a beating.

  3. Numerous assaults and no one was masked up to hide their identity. Of course, there will be no arrest for these crimes, but now they can all be identified for future reference.

  4. Trannies all bitching in Pittsburgh today because Turning Point USA had a tour stop on Pitt’s campus last night – the looney lefties were their typical tolerant sorts as you might imagine.


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