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What are you? I’m a 6…

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  1. You should add these to the list for curiosity:
    Ran a marathon
    Been in a fist-fight
    Used the N-word
    Snow & or water skied
    Been blackout drunk
    Passed out from a needle
    Had stitches
    Hair implants
    Boob implants
    Calf implants
    Benched 225 or greater
    Do 10 or more strict pull-ups
    Do 10 or more strict push-ups
    Swam in the Atlantic, Gulf & Pacific
    Set fire to something illegally
    Wolf whistled at a pretty girl
    Worn women’s clothes
    Wore black-face
    Gone 24 hours without sleep, or food
    Had covid
    Got the jab…

  2. 13.

    Or should I take away all 13 because I had many horses and one broke a couple toes by accident. It’s a miracle I didn’t break anything else getting kicked, getting pulled off my horse going through a gate that had a wire sticking out and it got jammed into my leg, and getting bucked off a time or two.

  3. If you spent all your teenage years in the ‘70s, you’re most likely going to be in the single digits. Congratulations to my Generation Jones cohort who managed to stay in double digits, though. Y’all probably are more accomplished than me where it counts. Now go on a cruise, if you haven’t. It’s fun, and you deserve it.

  4. I’m not sure what this reveals about a person. Some very positive things and some really bad things on the list.

    10, mostly IMO bad things I decline to do or try.

  5. Ten (half yes, half no).

    Yes to 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 12, 13, 15, 16, 20.

    There were a few that were sort of marginal/misleading. I never went sky diving because I took up hang gliding instead. Also, I never had a one-night stand but did have a few one-WEEKEND stands.

    Also, #3 (fired a gun) isn’t any reflection on character or risk-taking for anyone who’s been in the military.

  6. Okay, I’ll be specific-

    -I’ve never fired a gun (bb guns and pellet guns, yes) ((I grew up in NYC. What do you want from me?)

    -No Tats

    -No arrests (I had no gun.)

    – No Zip Lining

    -No Skydiving

    – No cruise. (does the circle line count?)

  7. 12

    Easier to say what I did than what I didn’t:
    3 – Have my CPL.
    5 – 2 friends and I flew to our friend’s and she met us with a limo ride to her house.
    7 – Rode Western many times. Took English riding lessons in College for 1 credit. Fun.
    9 – I liked to drive fast when I was young and stupid.
    12 – Was on a children’s show once – Channel 3 Clubhouse, Kalamazoo, MI
    16 – Met Norman Lloyd, Dr. Auschlander on St. Elsewhere
    19 – shhhhh

  8. Eight. Did not do 5,6,10,11,12,13,17,19.

    Broke a finger in dodge ball and broke all my toes in soccer. 2 weeks ago broke 2 toes again.
    Had horse for decades.

    Met Bill Hailey of Bill Hailey and His Comets in the early’70’s at McFadden’s Music in Fayetteville,NC. Vincent Price, Judy Collins and Christine Jorgensen at university. I worked for The Fountainhead school paper.

    Sky dived in college because a few jumps were offered free after minimal training.

    No streaking either!

  9. 11 – Funny thing is, never cared to go on a cruise, ziplining and skydiving and had my chances as my buddies always tried to get me to go with them. I spent my money on fishing and guns.

  10. I’m a 6 1/2. I’ve never broken a bone but I did crack it once pretending I was my favorite rock star. But we won the school air band contest anyway. So does that count as half a point? 🙂

    Never been in a limo.

    Never got a tattoo. I don’t like unnecessary pain.

    Never gone zip lining.

    Haven’t been on a cruise…YET.

    Won’t ever get a piercing for the same reason I’ll never get a tattoo.

    Never been sky diving and won’t ever do it.

    Never been drunk enough to go skinny dipping.

    P.S. I see Fur didn’t include #10 for things he hasn’t done. And if you noticed, I left out #10 too. Tehehehehehe…

  11. 12 (base 12 is superior, anyway!)

    Some things I have done: (a far more interesting category)

    1. Got hit in the head with a sailboat boom. (Explains a lot of things.)
    2. Fell into a deep septic tank. (No comments!)
    3. Experienced sleep paralysis.
    4. Seen many UFO’s. (Just sayin’. Don’t know what they were.)
    (There’s more, but who GAF?)

  12. A boring 12. None of the below is even on a bucket list.

    Skipped school
    Broken a bone
    Been in a limo
    Gotten a tattoo
    Sung karaoke – the entire world should be thankful for this
    Been arrested
    Gone zip lining
    Been on TV
    Gotten a piercing
    Met a celeb
    Been skydiving
    Skinny dipped – Nude at the nude beach on two occasions but stayed out of the ocean

    I did go on a cruise. A one and done for me. I really don’t understand the appeal.

  13. Why, oh why, is everything a competition with me? Everything. I’m booking a cruise, will get a tattoo to commemorate it and make sure they have a zip line stop or one on board! Piercings, I’m counting the nail gun oopsie…

  14. I’m about a 6 although I have to cop to a charge of skinny dipping. But before you pass judgment, understand ….. “they” made me do it

    See, I was walking along the banks of the River Isar in Munich, Germany. And I was admiring the view of this beautiful river when suddenly I turned and found myself admiring the view of the shapely @ss of a naked German fraulein. I had wandered into a nudist beach

    Then I was hearing an undertone of grumbling so I knew that in order to appease “them” I had to drop trou and expose all. And then to expiate my shame, I immediately dashed into the warm and soothing waters of this Alpine stream

    Everything Ive told you is true .. except for the part where the water was warm. It was anything but

  15. I think I am a 13 or 14 – we had senior skip-day when I was in high school. Not a sanctioned day off, but an ignored infraction.
    Off to Lake Michigan – water freezing, sun burning day – great memories.


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