“Alleged” Child Molester Allowed To Be Seattle Mayor Because He’s a Democrat

If Ed Murray, “alleged” child molester, has hung onto his job for far too long it’s because democrats do not care if a child molester is in power as long as it’s left-wing power.

Academics, pundits, doctorates, opinion-makers and talking-heads who excuse, tolerate, and even celebrate child sex are pretty much exclusively left-wing.

The left is the wing of perversion, decadence and mental illness.

Today, a suspected perverted, decadent, mentally ill mayor has resigned. Finally.

This after a cousin finally came forward and said Ed Murray sexually abused him when he was a teen.


25 Comments on “Alleged” Child Molester Allowed To Be Seattle Mayor Because He’s a Democrat

  1. I would put the politicians in the state of Washington up against any other state for anti-American, destructive, and deviate behavior. Oh wait, I just thought of Patty Murray, stupidest as well.

  2. Yep, he probably decided to draw the line after the 5th accuser. Beyond 5, it would really start to look weird.

    “The left is the wing of perversion, decadence and mental illness.” Precisely said!


  3. If a college boy looks at a girl too long or, God forbid, whistles, he’s charged with assault and his life destroyed. Thoroughly, utterly destroyed. But a prog in Seattle takes 5 charges of child molestation just to get him to resign!?!!?!
    C’mon SMOD!

  4. Stop commenting PHenry. You’re on vacation and you’ve been drinking. Homo pedophiliac elected officials?

    Leave it alone. It speaks for itself.

  5. Portland’s former Mayor was a bone smokin liberal commie fag also. Beat the wrap. Suggested Seattle mayor call Portland’s ex mayor and see how Portland’s ex mayor got off.

  6. “I would put the politicians in the state of Washington up against any other state for anti-American,”

    I gotta tell you, Oregon and Washington Libtaards are making California Libtards look like a bunch of amateurs.

  7. PS

    If someone would have sexually molested one of my young children they better hope to God they get incarcerated before I get to them. And then they hope they better never get out. WTF? Why’s this guy still breathing?

  8. Politicians is a 25 cent word for political pimps. Devoid of morals, ethics, or anything else decent. They are vampires with day jobs.

  9. But where will they find someone as effed up, as prideful, as proud of being so effed up, to fill the Seattle Throne? What? Oh… never mind.

  10. I Have a Buddy With a Beach Club in Costa Rica , and One Night We Were Having a Great Party ! A Very Attractive Woman Ask’s Me To Dance , Well We Did For a Couple of Hours… She Was Hot 10 years My Senior and Absolutely All Over Me ! I Grab a Cerveca and My Buddy Says… I Think You Could Take Her Home ! I Say I’m Planning on it ! And He Says I Don’t Think The Congressman Would Like You Taking His Wife Home… You Know ” The Media ” !

  11. I Forgot to Say The Political’s in C.R Were Democrat’s , That Was My Point !
    I Was Re Living The Night and Forgot The Obvious !

  12. If an “alleged” child molester can be held accountable in Seattle, he can be held accountable anywhere.

  13. I am surprised he resigned. Sam Adams, former hard left mayor of Portland Oregon, got the same treatment. While he was a city councilman, he had sex with a teenage boy in the men’s room at City Hall, of all places. This news came out days after he was sworn in as mayor.

    No prosecution. No real investigation. He even survived a recall vote. SMH

    It it worth googling about that farce.

    More proof that the Left tolerates any form of perversion as long as the pervert is also a leftist.

  14. the famous conservative lawyer Roy Cohn – who was gay – said repeatedly to anyone who would listen that homosexuals should not be allowed to be teachers because it gave them too many opportunities to prey upon weak-minded uninformed children…..because that’s how he became gay. He was molested by a homosexual when he was a child.

    Get any gay person really hammered drunk and they’ll reveal that getting molested at a young age by an adult is how they became gay too. At that young susceptible age, it’s like imprinting a baby goose.


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