Altuve with a walk-off 3 run homer to send Houston to World Series

What a game. Yankees scored an improbable 2 runs on a homer in the top of the 9th to tie the game. Altuve wins it off of a closer, Chapman, that only gave up 3 home runs all year.


Update: Altuve thanks God.

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  1. Nats gonna have their work cut out for them to stop the ‘Stros … but, they have better starting pitching than the Yankees, so they can give ’em trouble (although Cole is well rested & is going to give Washington fits in Game 1 at Houston … if the Nats split in Houston it should be a good Series)

    … it’s all gonna depend on the Nat’s bullpen to stop the hot Houston line-up

    btw … 2 run hr

  2. The Denver Bears were a farm club for the yankees in the 50’s and early 60’s so I liked the Yankees…Tom Thresh, Tony Kubek passed through…I forget the rest. Billy Martin might have managed as well…..but now I hate the Yankees,best team that money can buy and they lose…I hate the dodgers for the same reasons….so, playoff baseball….nope the WORLD SERIES…Derrick Cole cut his teeth in a Pirates uniform. He was initially drafted by the Yankees and didn’t sign….offered as trade bait to the Yankees years later and they wouldn’t pay. Traded to the Astros and perfected his game…..LET”S GO ASTROS….GIVE A FORMER PIRATE A RIDE TO THE TOP!!!!

  3. The worst part about the World Series is that it will end for another year…..”LET’S PLAY TWO”!!!!!….

    Thank you Earnie!!!!

  4. ….One of the Boyer brothers was there as well….Maybe Clete?….I don’t really know, I was 3 maybe 5 years old. A memory stuck to my head like a spaghetti noodle on a three day old pan….

  5. @joe6 ~ never was a Nats fan (Senators either, for that matter) … but in this case, since I got no dog in the fight, I’m rooting for the underdog

  6. Poor Bryce Harper, took a bigger contract to go to the Phillies, and is now missing the World Series..I never really cared for that guy, and I don’t know why.

  7. @joe6 ~ Bryce Harper … thanks for reminding me … another reason I’m rooting for the Nats … lmao

  8. Both of youse guys recognize the Bryce Harper has a shitty haircut and is a whiner and he’s free to hand out candy this Halloween…..LOL

  9. Chapman was gritting his teeth so hard, I thought they would crumble and that walk of shame off the diamond was pure comedy gold. GO ASTROS!

  10. So the Colt .45’s of the National League, vs. the Senators of the American League – cool!

    We beat the Senators in the ’25 World Series. Seems like it’s BEEN 95 years since we were last in one… 😳

  11. Someone classified Home Runs by the effect they have. A HR in the first inning in a losing effort has a low effect and importance. A HR hit with 2 out in the ninth, or later inning, that wins the World Series has the highest classification. Maybe Mazeroki’s homer to win the WS in 1960 was an example of one, but I don’t know how many outs the Pirates had when he came up to bat.

    A HR that wins a league championship is up there amongst the highest classifications. The higher class HR could be the most dramatic things in all sports.

  12. As a diehard Red Sox fan, since age 8, I approve of this message. As for the Astros, I’d give just about anything to see Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio and Luis Gonzalez in this team’s lineup. Those 90’s Astros deserved at least one title.

    As for the Harper comments, couldn’t agree more. He strikes me as that person who couldn’t get his way and would use the ol’ “do you know who I am?” routine.

  13. I am rooting for the Nats for 2 reasons. I hate Bryce Harper. I want a Harper Cam on his goofy face when the Nats have the audacity to win it all without Golden Boy.

    And I want a team in DC to win while Trump is the president (winning!), and with a team with the name that is a variant of NATIONALIST.

  14. Washington fans are swamp creatures, make them cry again, and Texas voted for Trump. BFH, I like the Nationalists name. Go Astros. Altuve is fantastic.

  15. Go ‘Stros…..crush the Gnats! And come March, I can start chanting LGFM! again. (Thanks for the upgrade to the chant, Polar Bear!)

  16. I thought it was classy of the Astros to let the lowlife Yanks win game five so that Houston fans could witness New York being humiliated yet again. Thanks, ASTROS!


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