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  1. Really?
    “Better than Hendrix or Robin Trower?”

    Mostly a matter of taste.

    I don’t know. Vaughn was truly a great – a natural from what I hear.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Pleasant surprise clicking on this post. SRV pours out his heart and soul to the audience like no one I’ve ever seen. He is so. pissed. off. at the dude who won’t leave his girl alone that’s he’s actually making guttural sounds while dirty soloing. Talk about playing with feeling. Just love SRV. We lost him way too early.

  3. Please!! This who’s better than who nonsense is bullshit.

    All guitarists mentioned here (and shown here) are brilliant. Each by their own particular style that is different from the others. Taste in music is subjective at best.

    I want to get a ticket to “That Great Gig In The Sky” where all those that we have lost are all jamming individually THEN collectively.

    A month ago this weekend The Boopster and I attended ‘Eric Clapton’s Crossroad’s Guiter Festival’ in Dallas. Can you believe we snagged seats in the third row front section center stage? For the closing act he had all twenty something guitarists on stage to jam individually. No where near as good as them jamming with their own bands but it was interesting.

    Oh… IMHO Vince Gill (with special guest Joe Walsh) and Los Lobos were hands down the best acts. Clapton’s performance seemed to me a little a little flat but he was coming off a long US tour and like the rest of us, he ain’t getting any younger either. Again music IS subjective at best and The Boopster was mesmerized AND hypnotized by ‘Ol Slowhand’s performance. I wouldn’t have expected anything less from her. We’ve been married 52 years and she’s still waiting for him to show up at our door someday and take her away from ‘all of this’.

    Oh… regarding Duane Allman in Clapton’s band? I give you Derek And The Dominos.


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