Amazon: “AOC is Just Wrong” – Online retail giant Amazon came out swinging after Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blasted the company for paying “starvation wages.”

The Blaze reports that the freshman lawmaker spoke to to ABC’s This Week on Sunday where she criticized Amazon founder Jeff Bezos for being a billionaire “paying people starvation wages and stripping them of their ability to access health care.”

She also slammed Bezos for allowing his workers to take food stamps.

“When you have a very large workforce and you underpay every single person and then you also participate in taking billions of dollars of government subsidies, that could be part of it,” she said.

In a tweet yesterday, Amazon attached a video of Ocasio-Cortez’s remarks and wrote, “@AOC is just wrong. Amazon is a leader on pay at $15 min wage + full benefits from day one. We also lobby to raise federal min wage.” Watch

13 Comments on Amazon: “AOC is Just Wrong”

  1. I’ve been calling her “La Loca” but I think it’s time to switch
    to “La Retardada”.

    (No translation needed: it means what it looks like it means.)

  2. F u c k y o u.

    Fuck your 15 DAH minimum wage. Fuck all minimum wages. And fuck you. And fuck your mother. Everybody sucks in this evolution.

  3. ‘Minimum wage’ is a refusal to allow a person to earn a learning wage. It forces him to gain higher education, not being able to work while doing so because he has no skills worth paying the minimum wage. Then when he finally graduates, deeply in debt, he still must gain experience. Leftists have accounted for that – unpaid internships are acceptable, but nobody can actually get paid less than ‘minimum wage’. It is an elitist principle, obviously.

  4. ‘Everybody sucks in this evolution.’
    You feel quite strongly about this,, Don’t you?
    And at what Taco Bell do you work at?

  5. AOC makes sensationalist issues to get public attention for herself, she doesn’t actually care to address real and developing issues and probably doesn’t even know or understand what they are.

    Wonder what she thinks about robotics replacing people? Or if she even knows what robotics is and what it means for (especially) lower end workers?

    All these unskilled and uneducated people the Left is intent on importing, what does she intend to do with them? Like we’re going to keep needing them -many millions of them- to be dishwashers and such maybe?

    (wonder what her position on something like this is if she’s actually worried about worker wages:

  6. Only the Left could elect someone like Ocasio who every time she opens her mouth proves themselves to be so totally stupid, dumb, idiotic, foolish, clownish, reckless and evil.

    I’m certain that she is the airhead meatpuppet of her Dothead campaign manager who is now her chief of staff.

    And her speaking voice!! Aargh, it’s like listening to a brainless Valley Girl who is huffing on a tank of helium

  7. She’s a stupid bartender, and have read too many horror stories about Amazon, so no dog in this fight for me.

  8. “Alexandra (etc etc) Cortez is just wrong”

    The potential that sentence holds… so many possible ways to insult or accurately label her… and I’m drawing a blank. -_-


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