American Congresswoman, Omar, Calls Somalia “My Country”

She catches herself quick!

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  1. These people don’t even understand the concept of this country let alone embrace it. They exude resentment and contempt for americans as most third worlders do.
    They approach their entry into this country with the attitude of conquerors.
    Obama and other animals of the left planted the seed.

  2. Dear Minneapolis, you get what you vote for. You own this. Please don’t bleed it to Washington and fix this! We will forgive you if you make it right and primary her out. Otherwise to hell with Minneapolis. You will be the newest City non grata a la Detroit.

  3. Engelburka Engelburka – The Kenyan Kremepuff starts out “What I was suggesting…”
    And that right there is the difference between the Obamboozler and Donald Trump. A president should never suggest, be ambiguous, imprecise or a slippery wordsmith that leaves anything to question. We’ve had 16 years of slippery Bullshit with Slick Willie and the Obamboozler and all the people they surround themselves with to know what yer gonna get with any democRAT!

  4. gin blossom
    JULY 21, 2019 AT 4:59 AM
    “These people don’t even understand the concept of this country let alone embrace it.”

    …this is absolutely correct. Muslims from birth are inculcated with the concept of the Ummah, which is the idea that they are first and foremost a community of believers, Islam overrides all else, and that fealty to the Koran and Mohammad (piss be upon him) transcends any national border when it comes to dealing with infidels.

    They DO end up with borders of their own, but this is more because of things like the Shia/Sunni split, caliphs arguing who rules who, or semi-secular dictators wanting to define which people and assets are theirs. Loyalty to these “nations” is a sometimes thing among Muslims, as they could tell you in Libya, and on most occasions the more secular dictators need to “get religion” to maintain power, like Saddam Hussein adding the name of a!!ah to the Iraqi flag when he got in trouble, or Turkey’s Erdogan becoming an Islamizer of a NATO nation when it was time to kill Kurds.

    Mohammad (pus be upon him) says that A!!ah chooses their leaders, so they do not believe in voting, BUT they ARE encouraged to get involved in the political processes of any non-Muslim host country for the puropses of destroying THEIR system, so Shari’a can replace it. This includes voting for whatever candidate is likey to do the MOST harm to the host country, manipulating the process to cause maximum chaos, accusations of ‘racism’ whatever the outcome…

    …and being candidates THEMSELVES, again to bring the current system down from WITHIN.

    …if she disgraces her office, Muslims like it, because it makes our whole SYSTEM look bad. If she calls for socialism, it’s just because she thinks this is the best way to do the most damage the quickest. Meanwhile, she’s free to agitate for importing MORE unvetted terrorist, weaking our electoral safeguards so those terrorists can vote for MORE damage using OUR system against us, and trying to mitigate or end sentences for CONVINCED terrorists.

    …so yes,they do NOT believe in ‘country’. If you didn’t realize this with World Citizen ‘Obama’, just look at what Tlab, “Omar”, Ellison, and other “Muslims of power” push for, what their legislative priorites are, and how they obsess about Israel, and it should complete this picture of infiltration and sedition for you…

  5. This is why true conservatives NEVER talk about silencing the opposition. In spite of all their lying, allowing them to speak is often the best way to find out the truth.

  6. I guess we won’t be seeing the “stylish”, neck-exposing head wraps for a while. She’s going to be wearing her jihad hijab helmet as she goes to war against America and Israel.

    Just another variation on the Jon Stewart “clown-nose on, clown-nose off” technique.

  7. This fraud needs to be investigated, her marriage, her lies and perjuries exposed, and her precious gift of Citizenship taken from her and her rancid carcass thrown overboard for the sharks

  8. The same way a declaration of absolute Pacifism invites war,
    a declaration of absolute tolerance invites abusers.

    Our legislators make legions of Laws, yet
    never demonstrate the principle of upholding the Law.

    From Hiilary on down to invaders akin to vermin, our nation of laws
    is being dismantled by politicians who have no love of country.

    Send them ALL back to whatever shithole will have them.

  9. A hostile foreign agent, placed in a position of power by ignorant fuckwads.
    There ought to be an IQ test for voters.

  10. I sure wish Omar would take herself back to that Sh!thole country of hers and take her brother/husband with her!

  11. So go back already. Just kidding, Ilhan, I know you cant go back. Cause someone would kill you in retaliation for the warcrimes people in your clan commited 30 years ago. That’s why your family were refugees in Kenya — cause of what.they did in Somalia for that Commie dictator Siad Barre

    Wait till that story comes out


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