Middle East Christians praise Trump for saving them


“The U.S. has always been a symbol of freedom for persecuted people around the world,” Fr. Muntaser Haddad of the St. Ephrem Syriac Catholic Church told Breitbart News.

Haddad attended the three-day Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom summit in Washington, which ended Thursday.

“If minorities like Yazidis and Christians would have vanished from the Middle East, it would show the world the United States is not invested in promoting its values and a lot of people would lose hope,” he said.

The Trump administration launched a multi-million-dollar program to help the victims.

In a speech during the event Wednesday, Fr. Thabet Habib Youssef, a Chaldean Catholic priest from Iraq’s Nineveh province, expressed his appreciation.
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9 Comments on Middle East Christians praise Trump for saving them

  1. Jews are the most hated people on earth.

    Christians are the most hunted.

    These 2 groups get all the blame and guilt.

    and yet the Muslims are the victims.

  2. This President simply does not get enough credit for all the good he does! His level of determination and spine are off the charts when you put it into perspective that he is fighting a battle on all fronts with democRATs, Republicans, the Media, and half the world, but then fighting for the American people and the American way has never been easy!

  3. Islam must be abolished from the modern world.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell


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