American media barely noticing that Spain may be falling apart


The media mania over the attempts to drive President Trump from office seems to have overshadowed some really serious events elsewhere in the world. The struggle over Brexit is getting at least some coverage, though arguably not enough because British departure from the EU could well lead to a restructuring if not a collapse of that historic attempt to unite the continent that sparked two world wars, albeit under a top-down, undemocratic regime that probably deserves to meet the ash heap of history.

But I have seen very little coverage of what is happening in Spain, specifically Barcelona, where the Catalonian independence movement has totally disrupted life in the fourth largest metropolis in Europe (the EU and EFTA countries).  I was in Barcelona a couple of weeks ago for a few days, just before Spain’s Supreme Court handed down heavy prison sentences for nine leaders of the Catalonian independence movement, which sparked five days of riots, some of them turning violent. read more

11 Comments on American media barely noticing that Spain may be falling apart

  1. um … since when has Spain never been falling apart?

    … except for that brief period of time where they raped the Americas & made the indigenous people learn their language, until the English sunk their Armada & finally put it to rest at Trafalgar … 😉

  2. How in the hell do you fuck up Spain?…It’s a Peninsula surrounded by some of the best fishing in the world….they have farmed and raised some of the best fruit, olive oil, Jamon, wine, sexy girls in the WHOLE world….You’d think they voted for Bernie…..

  3. spain one week, the eyeties the next. Like a revolving door there.

    Not that it isnt bad its just that they’re used to it.

  4. Check out Chili/Chile. Going the way of Venezuela at the moment. Grapevine reports from a business associate says it is much much worse than reported.

  5. “Man bites dog.” News.
    “Dog bites man.” Meh.

    In a United Nations’ approved, free and democratic, subdivision, the numerically superior, economically inferior, will not agree to let their “bread makers” leave. Peacefully. Quietly.

    American “news”? Meh.

  6. Americans don’t have maps …

    Spain’s that place on the other side of Cuba, isn’t it?
    They make Flies and Oranges, I believe.
    Pretty girls what turn into 250 lb behemoths after a couple of litters.

    They play fast music and tap dance, alot


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