D.C. City Council Considering Legalizing Prostitution

The District of Columbia has been kicking around the idea of decriminalizing prostitution for years. On Thursday, the city council held a hearing to consider ” the Community Safety and Health Amendment Act of 2019,” and given the fact that they’ve already put this year’s date on the bill, they must be serious about passing the measure. More

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  1. Well, considering the prostitution of Congress over the many years, doesn’t this make SOME sense??

    Also, there is a factor of the Sex Layered Swamp in that town, apparently, that runs deep.

  2. why not? … the biggest whore house in the world is in DC … it’s a large white building w/ a big dome on the top … perhaps you’ve seen pictures of it, it’s called the ‘Capital Building’

    the whores are a bit on the expensive side, but once you’ve bought them you can pretty much make up your own rules …

  3. HAA!

    My Uncle was working in a manhole on Virginia Ave in DC. A whore walked up to the manhole and asked if anyone wanted a blowjob. My Uncle, relaying the question, asked his second man, “Do you want a blowjob?”

    The second man said, “Yes, but not from you!”

    I’ve been to “Vaginja” Ave. many times, myself.

    I hate DC. Really. Loathe the place.

  4. Pierre Delecto

    Carlos Danger and I are both in favor of this his. By the way, how young can be they be?

    Hello Mitt.

  5. As a swamp it was built in, as a Swamp it is now governed in and a SWAMP it will be hopefully really and fully drained of.

  6. “D.C. City Council Considering Legalizing Prostitution”

    Hell yes, they want to make it easy for liberal dems to PHUCK everyone they want….at your expense.

  7. “D.C. City Council Considering Legalizing Prostitution”

    I don’t understand why you put a picture of Kamala Harris next to this headline because…OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I get it now. Tehehehehehe…

  8. Pierre Delecto and Carlos Danger, what makes these losers pick such ridiculous names? They obviously have no sense of personal embarrassment. Says joe6pak.

  9. And it will be a hate crime to discriminate by not picking a tranny bi gender bull kitten who identifies as a flaming dumpster when all you really wanted was a bj from a meth milf.

  10. Yeah, it will spread a ton of disease, but if you want to rent out parts of your body for money, that’s your business, but they’ll regulate the shit out of it like Uber and BnB.


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