America’s Medicine Cabinet

Puerto Rico’s newest business initiative might not only help them get out of financial crisis, it could impact all of us by helping America quit its unwise addiction to medicine made in China. Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson.

Covid-19 natural immunity compared to vaccine-induced immunity: The definitive summary.

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  1. Great info from a real reporter, Sharyl Attkisson.
    It states that one in three in the USA has already had covid.
    I doubt that…seems too high.
    I’m one of the few that I know that had it?

    I think it’s time for an iotw survey of:
    “Who has already had covid”

    Come on Fur, MJA, Dr. Tar…make it happen!

  2. I had The Coof back EOM October 2020.
    Not coughing, but slight fever, very sleepy all day, taste and smell “off”. Don’t recall taking any particular meds for it.
    Now here I am, as onry as ever, and ready to take up my Presidential duties when called upon.

  3. Coof, how would I know? Not everyone shows symptoms, no?? And I have had my share of bad colds as I do every year.

  4. I had it 10 months ago. My 88 year old father (fully vaxxed and wears mask religiously) just had it a couple of weeks ago. He’s OK now.

  5. How many people have had it, but didn’t know it?
    How many people have had it, but did’t report it because they only had mild symptoms?
    We don’t know because they don’t test for anti-bodies (serology testing) unless you’ve had the Rona.

  6. LBS, in my family of five, two have had it: My daughter and her twin brother. My daughter got it from her boyfriend last month, and my son got it from his girlfriend last Spring. My youngest son is a gonzo anti-vax, anti-mask Chad who’s always chin-masking in school.

    My wife always thinks she’s feeling symptoms, even got tested this past Sunday for no reason. No luck, though. Sometimes, I wish she’d just catch it and get over it. I just blunder along through life, take my vitamins, and perform quarantine theater when required.

  7. LocoBlancoSaltine: A lot of people got covid, didn’t know it was covid and made it through. 99.75% recover from covid. I’d like those odds in Vegas if I had them. I got covid in 12/2019 before anyone knew what it was. I caught it on a Princess cruise ship. I was sick for about 6 weeks. Didn’t run to the doctor, took care of it at home. You start telling people the timeline and you’ll find plenty who say “I was sick then too, I bet I had it!” I’ll work off my natural immunity, no jab for me.

  8. I was sick back in March I had a high fever for three days, my throat felt like I swallowed a bunch of razor blades for the first two days, my nose ran like a faucet the whole time. I was so out of it I slept off and on for four days, crazy vivid dreams like I’ve never had. Lost my sense of taste and smell for about five weeks and tested negative for Covid?

  9. Goldefoxx, I was in Park City, UT in late December 2019 with my family. I got the worst runny nose and sinus headaches I ever had, and a bad cough. I had diminished sense of smell and taste for a couple of days. I was also short of breath too, but I attributed that to altitude and my “cold”.

    But I had been taking multivitamins, plus zinc, E and D3 for years before Covid, and I was mostly symptom-free in five days. Nobody else in my family got sick there, or after we came back. I have often wondered if I had covid then, especially after the news came out in early 2020 that ski resorts were supposedly super-spreaders . I haven’t been sick a day since then.

  10. Thirdtwin, I got covid December 3rd, 2019.
    I’ve talked about it here a lot.
    I was very ill for several weeks and went to immediate care, two doctors and the emergency room that month.
    Nobody knew what the hell was wrong with me?
    Sickest I had ever been, I really thought that was it…game over man.

    The oddest thing about the virus is how it affects differently.
    I was fit, not fat. Not young but in my 50’s.
    I tested for antibodies a while back and still had them.
    I need to check again.
    If this government wasn’t such a sack of shit antibody testing would be free and easy.
    FUCK joe* biden!

  11. Started having symptoms day before thanksgiving last year, lost taste and smell, deep cough, slight fever.
    3am Friday morning tried to get up to take a leak, couldn’t get out of bed, struggled for a while and the wife asked me what I was doing
    I slurred trying to get to the bathroom, she ran over to my side and looked at me and said you’re having a stroke! I’m calling an ambulance a few hours later they went up my leg and plucked that chink clot out of my brain couple days later went home 5 months later got back to work. Tested positive for the blood clot virus in the hospital. Most of my family has had it. A couple of numbskull sons have gotten jabbed and came down with it.

  12. Wife 65 and I 67 think we had it about a month ago.
    Had contact with a friend who nearly died before we got some ivermectin into him.
    We started the Ziverdo pack as soon as we got the sniffles, and I didn’t really get too sick as I kept working (self employed, alone), but the wife got pretty run down, taking naps when she rarely has done that.
    We both have some lingering effects such as post nasal drip, and she still tires easily.
    If we were closer to a clinic that offers it, we’d take an antibody test, just for shitsandgiggles.


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