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Amy Schumer is a thief

How does this cow still have a career?

Here is a 26 minute compilation of her overt and shameless joke stealing.

What makes this indefensible is that Schumer is an admitted  shoplifter who says she did it well into adulthood because she got off on the thrill of theft.


When are the comedians going to call her out, like they did Carlos Mencia, and  kill this bitch off like she deserves.


21 Comments on Amy Schumer is a thief

  1. Fat, female, feminist, progressive, thief, slut, foul mouth, shameless…..

    Thus far nothing there for the left to complain about.

  2. She’s a good liberal and bashes Trump any chance she has. Doesn’t matter she’s funny.

    She’s a liberal dream.

    Speaking of….crickets from CBS about Colbert.

  3. Remember when Winona Ryder’s career when into the toilet because of shoplifting…. that was only about 15 years ago.

    Is everything no big deal nowadays ??

  4. Yea she stole those ugly looks from Lena Dunham!

  5. Please: She’s a protected Liberal as long as her uncle is in the Senate.

  6. @Loretta: Yes, I remember Winona Ryder’s shoplifting, and haven’t watched anything she has been in since. The worst part of that episode is how she tried to destroy the working-stiff security guard who caught her. Another “good” progressive.

  7. Isn’t she the mutant who shoves babies and salamis up her driveway?

  8. She is like the Reader’s Digest of comedians. You don’t have to sit through all their shows just to hear their jokes.

  9. I could not possibly watch 26 minutes of Amy Schumer, even if it makes fun of her, so i skipped through it. It is in chronological order beginning around 2010. Best thing about this video is watching her weight increase by about 100# in 7 years.

  10. Before watching that I couldn’t have told you anything about Amy other than she’s related to Chuck. Now that I’ve seen her in action, how did she ever get past amateur night at the improv? Terrible delivery and timing. Why are people not throwing rotten fruit and veggies at her on stage?

  11. Steals jokes?!! She’s the new Milton Berle, you h8trs!!1!11111!!!

  12. That movie with her and hawn has to be a real shit pile. They are advertising the hell out of it.

  13. I made it just past the 12 minute mark. Not only was Amy not funny, but the jokes she stole sucked too.

  14. Fat fuck leftist that also got Netflix to change their scoring system because she received so many down votes. Despise her!

  15. Please keep that scrunt in new yawk and I’ll be

  16. She’s an air thief too – you neglected to mention that…

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