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Texas becomes the 11th state to call for Article V convention of states


WaEx: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, declaring “BOOM,” this week won his fight to have his state join 10 others in a growing movement to call a constitutional convention aimed stopping explosive growth in Washington.

 “BOOM. Texas has now passed a Convention of States Resolution. Thank you Texas House for today’s vote,” the governor tweeted after the House joined the Texas Senate in approving the measure.

The effort was sparked by former President Obama’s governmental expansion and advocates said that a Convention of States is still needed under President Trump because Congress shows little sign of shrinking the government and turning power back to the states.

Longtime advocate and top conservative radio talker Mark Levin said, “You want to hear the biggest news today, the very biggest news today? The Texas House just passed Article V Convention of States resolution. The Senate already passed it. So, Texas is state number 11, state number 11 out of 34 needed.”  more

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  1. I have tried to find out who the other 10 states are but I am not having much luck. If anyone can find that out, I would greatly appreciate that information. Thanks!

  2. Why? A Constitutional Convention gives the power to edit, replace or erase any or all of our Constitution. That is why we ammend this document so the framework set forth by the founding fathers can not be put in jeopardy of being undermined. This sounds like what the enemies of this country have been wanting to do all along.
    What part of our Constitution does Texas find unacceptable? At least, that they would risk collapsing the freedoms the founding fathers gave to us allowing the formation of the Greatest Nation the world has ever known?

  3. How do the state legislatures that have called for a constitutional convention plan to control, and control absolutely, the delegates in a way that ensures absolutely those delegates act only in ways consistent with the reasons the convention was called in the first place?

    In other words, how can they make sure the delegate selection process, and the parliamentary procedures of the convention, aren’t co-opted by collectivists and especially statists?

    An constitutional convention is very, very dangerous. Yes, it could accomplish some good things, but still…

  4. The only way to possibly term-limit commies and choke out the deep state. You think Reps and Senators are going to term-limit themselves with a bill? They’ll repeal the insane tax code and simplify it with a post card through a Constitutional Amendment? The Red States have to cut the commie cancer out by cutting off its blood supply.

  5. “An constitutional convention is very, very dangerous. Yes, it could accomplish some good things, but still…”

    Living in fear is a limited existence. I had to give that up.

  6. @Lowell – I understand your point and agree. But I’m not “living in fear”. Rather, I see a high-cost risk and want to mitigate or eliminate it.

    Aside: Before I had to make an economic decision about how to spend my limited time resource, in my 30s I was an avid hang glider pilot. In my teens and early twenties, I was an avid spelunker and rock climber. In those activities, I wore a helmet. I mention this so that my claim to mitigate risk but not to live in fear is at least possibly true.

  7. Proposed changes have to be approved by 2/3rds of the states, and there are more red states than blue, and a lot of angry voters still wanting to trim govt. down.

    I’d like to see southern coastal CA secede, northern CA would become a redstate with a lot of electoral votes. if I was Trump, I’d be working overtime to piss them (CA lefties) off.

    I’d like to see an amendment defining the difference between protected speech and religion / crazy ass leftism and islam and allowing permanent exile of America haters. We really, really need far more treason trials, and I’d like to be able to pass “ex post facto” laws (after the fact), to punish (D)irtbag politician who invent new ways to screw us over.

  8. And also, lets stop this lifetime judge BS. Partisan hacks have made that idea infeasible – it may have made sense in 1800, when we weren’t infested with parasites and their (D)irtbag politicians who rule us by handing out benefits.

  9. I hear you Al. I ride a motorcycle for fun these days, and I wear a helmet even if not required. There are things that need to be addressed today with a CC, and yes, there is a danger of fuckery. But our involvement as citizens needs must be close and attentive.

    Hopefully we won’t have to shoot in the head anybody gets up to nefarious acts, but that option is on the table and actually protected by the original chartering document. Maybe they need reminding of that.

  10. Thanks, Lowell. You mention motorcycles, darn it. I say “darn it” because I had one too many frightful incidences of having firm direct eye contact with a car driver only to have that driver drive right at me a half second later. So, I conveniently left off the one activity that “living in fear” drove me to drop. The last bike I owned was a 500cc Suzuki, but my best friend and I would ride together a lot, he on one of his Vincents and I borrowing his ’79 XLCR. Fun times!

  11. Oops. The Harley cafe racer was a ’78, not ’79. Only a few would care, you may be one.

  12. From Uncle Al:” So, I conveniently left off the one activity that “living in fear” drove me to drop.”

    Al, I’d be the last one to chastise you for that. I’ve lived with irrational and perhaps rational fears my whole life. But I’ve been such a stubborn SOB I’ve had to address them. I fear heights. So I learned to skydive, then later I did radio tower work. I never lost the fear, never. But I learned not to let it control me. Pissed my pants first time I stepped out of a plane. Then I did it 28 more times.

    Every time I get the bike out I can see the blue haired crone that is going to use me for grease for her Crown Vic. But I have to go for it. I will not let that fear own me. It ain’t brave, it’s stubborn. And after I’m out and moving in the wind, the fear abates.

    I just see it as the constant negotiation of the terms of my existence on this planet. Me with my failures, the universe with its demands.

    Thank you Jesus, that I can do what I can. It’s a truly lovely place.

  13. If a constitutional convention were to be had it would remove
    any and ALL power over the majority of the big city states and
    retain power for the other 80% of the population.
    See how that works out for the leftist retards.

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