Berkeley Gives Awards To Illegals Who Suggest “Beating the $hit Out of White People” – IOTW Report

Berkeley Gives Awards To Illegals Who Suggest “Beating the $hit Out of White People”

As Mike Tyson once said, “everyone has a plan until they are punched in the face.’

Am I suggesting Juan Prieto get punched in the face?

story about his award.

24 Comments on Berkeley Gives Awards To Illegals Who Suggest “Beating the $hit Out of White People”

  1. Most Mexicans talk tough until General Blackjack Pershing shows up!

  2. I’m your huckleberry. Bring some guns while your at it.

  3. BB,
    I can handle this faggie boy.
    First thing= rip out those ear lobe
    strechers.What pansy looking dough boy.

  4. Message to UC Regents:

    Take a look at what happened at the University of Missouri. Parents decided to send their children to other schools when the campus went nuts with liberal crazies. Result: 20% drop in Freshman enrollment and the closing of THREE dorms.

    Again: Unintended Consequences from the Liberal virus, cured only by a lobotomy.

  5. Tax Payer paid Tuition even though your not a legal resident at a lefty racist piece of shit, and a pussy, $26,000.00 a semester.
    Alerting the INS and Red Necks nation wide, that want to beat your ass, where you reside, Priceless.

  6. Reminds me of nasty unruly children that flip off adults every chance they get. They’re protected by who they are in general.

    It wouldn’t take much to smack the ever-lovin’ shit out of ’em, but the optics are bad and the price too high.

    So you wait until they are fair game for them to pay the price of their nastiness…

  7. You got a big surprise coming to you, Juan.

  8. El Queerito. He wants to beat your meat.

  9. Such a lovely, handsome, moral, and caring young man!
    /sarc/ (bigly!!!)

    You’re being watched from somewhere out there, question, and will be dealt with when you least expect it.

  10. There are reasons California will go bankrupt. When white folks leave the state who will be left to pay taxes?

  11. “Beat the sh!t out of” illegals?!?
    Too much work.
    They assault me, I defend myself with – ahem – force.
    (…and NO, that’s NOT defending myself with the 4th of July)

  12. Please have an update that this homo gets picked off by ICE for opening his cock holster.

    Thing that puzzles me, is he is an English student. Why would he want to major in the evil White Man’s language. BTW, white is a color.

  13. Juan WTF, you’re an Idiot !
    You must Know the BERKELEY BUBBLE has borders, venture outside and get that last Lung full of reality before we smash it out of you !

  14. I have a C note that says Juan considers himself to be Spanish (superior) not Mexican – or Indian in their Blood lines. This Makes Juan a Double Invader, first Mexico & now the U.S.
    Actually that makes him an Illegal in 2 Countries !!!
    These are your really annoying,Tick like reactionares causing the mouthiest of problems. I’ve never considered these Leaders to be Mexican at all. Arrogant Spanish Over Lords !

  15. I wonder what is the source of funding for hate speech?

  16. Someone needs to toss that beaner faggot off the UCB clock tower. Maybe one of his muslim butt buddies will oblige.

  17. It would take a few days to beat the shit out of that fat puke.

  18. You better read about the Zoot Suit War, Pablo.
    You are priming the pump.
    Stick to playing video games

  19. Turning “Rogue Juan” into “Refried Beaner” – it’s what we do.
    Come on down!

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