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Official Trailer For Dunkirk


It’s the only movie I’d go to the theater to see this summer.


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  1. Roll forward 77 years and now France and the UK invite their invaders onto their soil. Makes no sense.

  2. Unfortunately the wrong side won that battle and the communists won the war.

  3. I learned about that in school way back when but now I bet they don’t teach about it. Men were men then but now you don’t know who is.

  4. If it’s as good as Hacksaw Ridge I might go to see it. We need more good World War 2 movies to remind us of the past and the sacrifices it took to beat the Nazi’s and the Japanese. Now if they could do the same thing for Westerns I’d be a happy camper. And besides I like Kenneth Brannaugh, Henry The Fifth is one of my favorite movies, I like it even more than Braveheart.

  5. Speaking of Hacksaw Ridge, Eastwood is filming a movie about the 4 Americans that took down that terrorist on the French Train. I guess filming is in progress. That should be a good one.

  6. It pisses me off that people are manipulated by the money powers to fight wars.

  7. Are they going to have a plucky Jamaican or Paki being super heroic? Please say no, Clint.

  8. One of my favorite movies has always been Mrs. Miniver, because it deals with the family/human side of WWII and one part of the film deals with the older men of a village taking off for Dunkirk. Mr. Miniver comes back about a week later with his 20′ pleasure craft all shot up but that’s about the extent of the film’s focus on Dunkirk. Similarly, the film Into the Storm has a scene in which Churchill’s cabinet is discussing the use of private boats, but it doesn’t go into detail. I wish this film had come out before the French election.

  9. They were men, mostly Irish, the fucking Brits today are mostly noting but rock stars, faggots, and Royalty.

  10. Nothing but rock stars, faggots, Royalty and fucking assholes. Clear Enough?

  11. “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.” I wish I was alive when men were still men and not pussies

  12. I wonder if they’ll show that Hitler allowed the extraction, believing (mistakenly) that England would appreciate it and come to terms with Germany to help stamp out Bolshevism?
    One of his earlier mistakes in judgment.

    izlamo delenda est …

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